Friday, November 23, 2012

Adjusting to a new normal

So prior to having Little Miss, I was told that adjusting to having two kids was harder than adjusting to having one. I never really understood what they meant so just kinda was like "Oh...okay."

They are right.

Little Man (who turned 7 on Wednesday!!!) was very independent. He loved being in his swing. He loved playing with his toys. He loved laying in his crib while I cleaned up a bit and just watched his mobile. He was most content just chilling. And he was like that from day one.

Little Miss (who turned 6 weeks old today!!) is the complete opposite. She sleeps in bed with me because she hates her pack and play (I was going to keep her next to my bed until 6 months old). She will only nap in her crib, nothing else. She has to fall asleep while you rock her or she won't sleep. She doesn't like being put down, at all. Not even to get dressed or for me to go to the bathroom. She will be dead asleep and the second her butt or her foot touches the crib mattress, crap gets real!! I will say though, I love the snuggles and her curled up in my arms. Having a snugly baby is so different than my Mister Independent!

So everything is done in her naptimes which means I have to cram homework, housework, homeschooling and anything else I can...into like 6 hours a day! Makes for some definite scheduling for sure. (Case in point, I started this blog at like noon, its now 451pm!) So instead of getting back onto our schedule that me and Little Man had...we are adjusting to a new normal. I just hope its completely under control by Christmas!

Speaking of cribs...its finally all put together. And NO, I do not keep the caterpillar on there when she sleeps! Duh!

In other news...and actually really excited to admit this...I registered for the St Paddy's Day 5k in March. As soon as my Doc gives me the go ahead, I am going to start training. Didn't realize I would be this excited!!

Monday, November 05, 2012

I promise to actually post tomorrow!

I will post for sure tomorrow but as of right now, I am off to bed. I am exhausted. You know, what with a newborn and all :D 

I leave you with this gem. 

You. Are. Welcome.

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