Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scared and Excited....

Three women in my life have inspired me to do something. A BIG something.

Look at my sidebar...under Upcoming Races. See what's been added there? 

Yeah. That's right.

Me. Little ole me (well big ole me depending on how ya look at it :-P) is going to do the Susan G Komen 3 Day. 

3 Days.

60 miles.

20 miles a day.

Holy. Shit.

My first official meeting with the team is tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be scared and excited...still...but I hope that I feel more confident in knowing that I CAN do this. That I CAN walk that much with a great person by my side and that we will push each other together. 

I feel like training for this is very much like training for a marathon. Course with a marathon you are RUNNING 26 miles. I will be WALKING 60. Like honestly? 

I am really doing this. I am really going to push myself to do this. I have watched one amazing woman do this every single year that I have known her. And she has inspired me to finally get off my butt and do this too. Not only that, but its going to discipline myself and my body to get back into shape.

Wish me luck ladies. Come September I will be able to add this to my blog:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chicken Stuffing Casserole...I think is what its called?

Trust me, I know more than anyone that I need to lose this weight. 

Trust me when I say that I AM trying to eat healthier.

So trust me when I say that this is amazing. 

And simple.

Tall Guy grew up eating this and for some strange reason he just one day was like "Mom, what was that recipe..."

Recipe after the pictures!

Ingredients are:

4 Chicken Breasts
1 can of cream of chicken
1 box of stuffing
Mozzerella cheese
Half a can of water
half a stick of butter (melted)


Take 4 chicken breasts and lay in the bottom of a 9x13 pan.
Then spread a can of cream of chicken over the chicken.
Sprinkle mozzerella cheese over that and then pour half a can of water over it all.
Top with a box of stuffing.
Then melt half a stick of butter and pour around the edge.
Cover with tin foil and bake for 1 hour at 375.
Check chicken to make sure its is done. Chicken will be easy to break apart.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surprise Packages...

Surprise packages are always AWESOME.

Can we say a giveaway??? 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on Little Miss

So Little Miss, since she was put on a bottle, has had some feeding issues. 

She gasps. Sputters. Acts like she's choking sometimes.

It isn't the nipple speed as she's on the slowest of slow. We have tried everything. Sitting her up more. Slowing down the amount we feed her, etc.

She outgrew that and then started the awesome Linda Blair style puking.

Like so much so its spatting on the floor.

We ended up in the ER at one point because she was puking so much she couldn't keep food in her and she became badly dehydrated. She's even puking while eating. Not cool :( They diagnosed her with an ear infection and sent us on our way. They also gave her Zofran to keep food down until her antibiotics worked into her system. So fast forward a couple weeks and she is still projectile vomiting and still not keeping food in her. Doc after Doc is like "Well I don't know!" and I am getting more and more agitated. Sorry but IMO, its not normal for a 3 month old to puke close to 25 times a day, no joke. When you go through 5 outfit changes a day because of the amount of puking there is, on both you and your daughter, there is an issue.

So we are now seeing a GI specialist. And he's amazing. They did an Upper GI on her (worst moment of my freaking life, not gonna lie) and they are going to do a swallow study on her tomorrow. They want to make sure that she isn't aspirating while eating because once she starts on solids, that's going to be a huge issue. We get the results on all of that tomorrow.

In the meantime, he put her on a PPI (Prilosec) and Alimentum. At first, I was like "This is crap. Its not doing anything at all." But honestly, I see the difference. She is happy. She is cooing and smiling all the time. She isn't puking near as much and she isn't anywhere near as fussy as she was. I can actually put her in her swing or bouncy and cook dinner or wash dishes without her screaming. She's sleeping amazingly well (12 hours per night plus a big 4 hour nap in the day). And she's gaining weight again (she had lost a pound recently). 

All is right finally and I hope that the GI and the Swallow Study come back normal. But if it doesn't, we cross whatever hurdle we hit. 

My only complaint is who the hell prices this stuff?? 30$ PER can of formula? Are you joking me right now?

Oy vey.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Tunes

Definitely a favorite at the moment.

I have slacked on my goals this year for sure so far. There are some things going on with Mady and right now, my needs are attending to her all day long.  I will make more of an effort to blog though! I need to! Seems its the only couple minutes I have in the day to just relax the brain!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cherry Pomegranate Habanero Marinaded Chicken

So the other day at Costco, this was bought...


 And it was turned into this:

Put salt and pepper on one side of the chicken breasts (cut in halves or leave them whole).
Put some sauce in the pan, lay the chicken seasoned side down into the sauce. 
Cover the rest in sauce (as you can see, we still have half a bottle left!)
Bake 350 degrees and then the last 10 minutes, broil it to give the top that crispy taste.
Serve with your favorite sides (it was served with corn and baked potatoes in my house).
Easy dinner done! 

Bottle can be bought at Costco. I thought about buying a bottle and doing a giveaway for was THAT good. Whatcha think? 

What's for dinner tonight? 

We have AWANAS tonight so we are doing something quick and easy like chicken tacos.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Being a Mother Round 2

Being a Momma this time around, my views on some things, mostly materialistic things, have changed. 

1. CoSleeping

I was never a fan of cosleeping. I am a very heavy sleeper (er, was!) and so for me it was just out of the question. I kept Little Man in a pack and play next to my bed until he was 6 months old and it worked out great. He even went into his crib no problem too. So I figured same thing with Little Miss right? 


She was not hearing of her pack and all. In fact, its being used as a clean laundry catch all at the moment. The only way she would sleep is if she was curled up against me at all times up until about two weeks ago. And honestly, I was okay with that. I love snuggles from my bebes. But I will tell you what, my legs going asleep while sleeping was not that enjoyable! She's now in her crib full time which brings us to the next one...

2. Video Monitors

I always thought of those bad boys as very Big Brother. Like why watch your baby sleeping? Isn't that kind of odd? And why would you watch your child sleeping anyway? He's fine! 

Well Little Miss is in her crib full time now and she is a VERY light sleeper. Like so light, opening the door wakes this girl up (definitely not the heavy sleeper that her Momma and Brother were and are). So I needed something. Because she's still so little and I was getting little to no sleep constantly worrying that she was still okay! Now that I have one, why didn't I get one earlier?!? Its so easy to just roll over, turn on the camera, see that she is still breathing and sleeping soundly and then pass right back out. Plus she sleeps much better because I am not constantly in there! (Yes, I turned into one of those Moms)

3. Babywearing

I never understood this one either until Little Miss. Little Man was very much independent and did his own thing and was content just hanging out. Little Miss, not so much. She wants to be held all.the.time. And that makes it dang near impossible to ever get stuff done. She is okay in her bouncer or swing in severe moderation (less than 10 mins in each). So I got myself one of these:

And even with the Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert, its kinda awkward yet for her age. They are still very much into koala mode and I always feel like she's about to fall out even when its really tight against my body. So then I bought myself one of these:

It rocks. But its!! I literally sweat wearing it and her face gets really hot. So I walk around, in the winter, wearing a tank top when I have her in it. It keeps us both from not wanting to die of overheating. I love it so much I want this one...

I just can't bring myself to spend 100$+ on it. Course its supposed to be more lightweight and breathable so who knows, I might scan the sites for it to go on sale! (Queue a friend who has the red and orange one who tells me that they were on sale on Black Friday for 80$...dang it!)

Then just for the fun of it, I bought myself a Mei Tai. 

Are you noticing an obsession brewing? 

Apparently, this is perfectly normal and acceptable amoungst babywearers! Some of them spend 200+ on wraps! Like what??! Haven't quite gotten myself to that point yet!! 

What did your views change on when you had kids? What is something you were totally against and then were like Wait, why wasn't I always doing this? 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My Goals for 2013

These are my goals for 2013:

1. Read as many books as I can because its time for me!
2. Make sure that I go to bed every night knowing the people who matter most to me are happy and content.
3. Blog every single day!!!
4. Don't let the small stuff bother me or stress me out.
5. Save as much as I can and only buy what is necessary.
6. Cook one new recipe a week!
7. Prepare for a big move.
8. Purge all this clutter!!
9. Stay on top of cleaning every single day, not deep cleaning but the small stuff.
10. Lose weight, get into shape and hit up the gym 5 days a week. At the very least walk the lake near my house.

I mean come on, its beautiful.

What goals are you setting for yourself? 
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