Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yoplait Winner!!!

First down to business. I know I said I would post this yesterday and I didn't so :-P Yesterday was quite the busy day so I didn't sit down much at all to do anything. BUT the winner of the Yoplait gift pack is....

Congrats to dht04001!!!

There will be more giveaways in the works as you all know me, so stay tuned for more!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Review and Giveaway

Not sure about any of you, but I love me some Greek yogurt. Right now, I have about 3 different types in my fridge. So when a review and giveaway opportunity appeared from MyBlogSpark for Yoplait Frozen Products, I jumped at it! 

I bought two pints with my complimentary coupon (that one of you will receive, gives you a FREE product to try out). 

The Peach was by far my favorite to eat! It doesn't even taste like frozen yogurt ice cream either. It literally tastes like someone stuck a package of yogurt in the freezer to freeze. Which honestly, makes it all the more better to me. Its not overly sweet like frozen yogurt ice cream is. It has chunks of fruit in it which is delicious. And the awesome part is 110 calories per serving. Whereas a pint of a competitors ice cream has 260 per serving. I put on some Private Practice, cracked up the tub and honestly, before I knew it half of it was gone. Whoops! But hey, its a semi healthy, delicious snack so I'll take it! 

Not only is this stuff amazing, but I want one of you to be able to enjoy it as well! So here is the giveaway part of this blog post:

Your gift pack will include:

  • Two stainless steel bowls perfect for cold desserts
  • An 8” ice cream scoop made of 18/10 stainless steel with zinc alloy
  • Coupon for free trial of Yoplait’s new frozen yogurt flavors

You are not limited to trying out the greek yogurt, that is just what I tried out. Your coupon can be redeemed for ANY of the Yoplait Frozen Yogurt products. 

Here is how you can enter:

1. Be a blog follower and comment below that you are +1 entry
2. Like the Yoplait FB page and comment below that you did +1 entry
3. Share this awesome giveaway and comment below that you did +2 entry

Giveaway will run until Dec 29th, 2012 and will close at 9am. I will post a winner sometime that day.

“Disclosure: The information, products and Yoplait gift pack were provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.”

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Tunes

Newest song obsession....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goulash...Nom Nom Nom

Ever want one of those quick meals that really fills you up and takes minimal ingredients? 

Goulash is totally one of those meals.

Tall Guy makes this quite often. I guess when you're only feeding yourself and want plenty of leftovers, this is the meal to make! Its spicy, its quick, its easy and its oh so delicious.

Sadly I took no pictures of the after effect. It was all in my tummy :D

Cast of Characters

Nom nom nom! Ground beef seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Lowrys!
1/2 Box Macaroni
1lb Ground Beef
V8 Juice
Cayenne Pepper
Chili Powder

Start water boiling for the macaroni. Doesn't matter if there is too much, you will end up draining it. Start cooking the meat Med to Med/High. Once the water has started to boil, add the macaroni. As the meat starts to cook make sure to season it with salt, pepper and lowry's. Make sure you can taste the flavor once it's finished cooking. Once the meat has cooked, turn down the heat. When the macaroni reaches the al dente state, drain it. Pour the meat into the macaroni and start adding the V8 Juice. You'll want to pour past the point where it looks like enough because some will boil off and the macaroni will absorb some. Once you have the right mixture, turn up the heat until it begins to boil. Add in plenty of salt, pepper and chili powder. Add in the cayenne pepper to your level of comfort. Stir everything and once it begins to boil, turn off the heat and let it set a few minutes before you serve it.

And I would never admit this to him but his is so much better. I don't know what he does differently but I will be finding out! 


Friday, November 23, 2012

Adjusting to a new normal

So prior to having Little Miss, I was told that adjusting to having two kids was harder than adjusting to having one. I never really understood what they meant so just kinda was like "Oh...okay."

They are right.

Little Man (who turned 7 on Wednesday!!!) was very independent. He loved being in his swing. He loved playing with his toys. He loved laying in his crib while I cleaned up a bit and just watched his mobile. He was most content just chilling. And he was like that from day one.

Little Miss (who turned 6 weeks old today!!) is the complete opposite. She sleeps in bed with me because she hates her pack and play (I was going to keep her next to my bed until 6 months old). She will only nap in her crib, nothing else. She has to fall asleep while you rock her or she won't sleep. She doesn't like being put down, at all. Not even to get dressed or for me to go to the bathroom. She will be dead asleep and the second her butt or her foot touches the crib mattress, crap gets real!! I will say though, I love the snuggles and her curled up in my arms. Having a snugly baby is so different than my Mister Independent!

So everything is done in her naptimes which means I have to cram homework, housework, homeschooling and anything else I can...into like 6 hours a day! Makes for some definite scheduling for sure. (Case in point, I started this blog at like noon, its now 451pm!) So instead of getting back onto our schedule that me and Little Man had...we are adjusting to a new normal. I just hope its completely under control by Christmas!

Speaking of cribs...its finally all put together. And NO, I do not keep the caterpillar on there when she sleeps! Duh!

In other news...and actually really excited to admit this...I registered for the St Paddy's Day 5k in March. As soon as my Doc gives me the go ahead, I am going to start training. Didn't realize I would be this excited!!

Monday, November 05, 2012

I promise to actually post tomorrow!

I will post for sure tomorrow but as of right now, I am off to bed. I am exhausted. You know, what with a newborn and all :D 

I leave you with this gem. 

You. Are. Welcome.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well then!

This time I have been gone because I DID have her! :D 

Madelyn Grace was born on her due date, October 12th, 2012, after being in labor for over 20 hours. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, 21 inches long and has some beautiful black hair. Her eyes are not as big as Little Man's but they are extremely dark blue and god I hope they stay that color. She is such a good baby. Nursing well, sleeping well. Very rarely cries unless she's cold (every diaper change) or she's wet. Big brother is doing so well with her. He adores her and dotes on her already. Now's the fun part of just adjusting to no sleep! 

All pictures are courtesy of our photographer.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Tacoma Glass Museum

So I would LOVE to say that the means for a hiatus is because I was having a baby but nope. She is still hanging in there. Unfortunately. 

BUT fortunately, that means more time with my Little Man. 

September 29th was Free Museum Day across the country. So I decided after looking at the list of museums that we would go to somewhere local (since I am ready to pop) and somewhere we haven't been before. So I choose the Tacoma Museum of Glass. Tall Guy, Little Man and it planned to go! 

The shape of the museum is actually kinda cool from the highway. In the 6 years I have been here, I have always wondered what was inside but just never went. Not sure why we never did, we just never did.

When you walk in, you can start your tour in their giant glass factory.

The huge fire flute in the center was HOT. We were a good ways away from them and he opened it up for a couple seconds for people to get pictures. Yeah we felt it as if we were standing next to a hot fire. So can you imagine how hot it was for them down there?

We watched that guy make some glass pieces for a bit, showing how they melt it down and shape it. Then I said Okay, let's walk around.

There is really only one exhibit to see. Here are some pictures of what we saw:

Little Man completely oblivious to me taking a picture....

Then there is a walkway with some kid artwork. The kids didn't make the glasswork but they drew the plans for the people who work there. I think my fave is the sock.

There was more that you could go up and walk across the highway. Big walkaway with stuff on the ceiling and on sides. I was just not feeling up to it. Kinda bummed now that we didn't do that but oh well. There is always next time right? 

Overall it was cool. It literally only took us about 30 minutes. I bet if we would have stayed and watched them in the factory more it would have taken longer BUT nah. I like to see things, not sit and watch things. There is also a part that you can make your own glass for 32$ a person. There were a lot of other things on the agenda that day so we skipped that too! Again, maybe next time! 

Hard to believe that stuff is made out of glass huh? 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saturday was a birthday dinner!

Like the title states, Saturday was filled with me cooking a birthday dinner. 

Tall Guy turned old.

And by old I mean...


Nah that isn't old but we like to give him crap cause he's...almost...30. 

As if men really care about that number.

Or do they? I've never really asked.

When I asked him what I should cook, it didn't take him long to decide on Sloppy Joes. I was going to make the Italian Joes but I don't have her spaghetti sauce cooked yet (will be doing that on Monday!!) so we did the regular ones. I have cooked them before and posted them on the blog but this was his first time having them. 

Instead of kaiser rolls, he bought Potato Rolls. The flavor and thickness was really really good with the sloppy joes. So I give that 2 thumbs way way up. He also added some spice to it (I believe he added some cayenne and something else, can't remember which now) and yeah that gave it a big kick. I made him chop up the vegetables because let's face it, if I don't have to cut up an onion, I'm not. He got to witness my weird way of eating sloppy joes (open face, I hate making a mess eating them in a sandwich) and we sat down to watch Chopped with a bag of chips in front of us.

Yes...Chopped was the show of choice. Which is kinda funny because that show makes me feel huge everytime I watch it and yet here I was stuffing my face with sloppy joes. Can we say big fat fatties? 

Yeah, I knew you could.

But it was a great dinner, great show and great company. That's all that matters right?

The pictures were taken with the last of the leftovers he said. Neither one of us took pictures even though I said I was gonna blog about it. Seems to be a habit around here....

The delicious rolls that I made him brown too! 


See that mess? Yeah I just can't do it! 

What's on your dinner agenda tonight? Tonight before RCIA class, I am making Chicken and Mozzarella Stuffed Ravioli with Bertolli Vodka Sauce. Sounds heavenly and it is!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You. Are. Welcome.

Yes, you are welcome for this annoying song being stuck in your head. But how can you not love it? Totally on my iPod for gym time!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Full term!!!

Little Miss is full term as of today. So now it's just the waiting game to see how much activity will happen in the next couple weeks. 

I honestly think she is going to come out at 9+lbs and probably not until October. Shes dropping for sure. Everyday I look lower and lower and I can feel it. She still loves to sit her little butt in my rib cage though. Apparently that is her hang out. 

What I am looking forward to the most though is that come December, I will have the go ahead to start working out and running again. And I am REALLY excited about it. Like so much so its kinda lame!

So excited in fact that the above stroller is the only one I am purchasing. I won't be using it for awhile given the weather around here (and I just can't stand those stroller covers) but I will be breaking that out the minute its nice out. 

I know its going to be a hard road. I mean getting back into running is long and tiresome to begin with. Now let's add in having not been able to for 9 months and all the extra baby fluff. But I am bound and determined to do it! I am thinking I might do the St Paddy's Day 5k Walk this year too. N thinks I should do the run again with her but I don't know. What do you think? You think I'd be able to train that hard in 2 months? 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steak Fingers with.....?

Last night I finally made Steak Fingers With Gravy. I was going to make them on Tuesday night but we had an Open House at the school for Cub Scouts so I didn't have time. 

I sliced up all the meat into little strips, I used cube steak because they don't sell precut Steak Fingers where I shop. 

Ewww....raw meat! 
Then I started the process of coating it and frying it up. I fried some up real fast for Little Man as he had Awana's last night (came home with his blue Wing Runner book and is MIGHTY excited about it!). He gave me this look that said "um sure Momma" but surprisingly, he ate it right up. Even asked for more. I was SHOCKED. This child will eat tons of chicken, like his Momma. But anything steak or hamburger and it takes some prodding. Glad to report his plate was clean. 

The cayenne pepper that you use gives it a little kick that says "Oh here I am!" which I like. I like having some spice just now something overpowering you know? Very minimal seasoning too...cayenne pepper, black pepper and seasoned salt. Which, if you have cooked any of PW's recipes they are normally minimal in seasoning but chalked full of flavor!

Now the recipe is Steak Fingers with Gravy right? Her gravy making instructions are the same as her gravy for Biscuits and Gravy (which I adore her recipe for that by the way!). So I was like Okay, I have done this tons of time, I'll be good.

Yeah. No.

There wasn't enough grease to make it. At all. Which not gonna lie, is slightly irritating. Cause I bet this would be amazing with gravy. Guarantee it. 

Verdict is: 

This is amazing. I will be making this again. Ate it for lunch and my son is highly unhappy that there isn't more cause he wants more..again. He just asked me if I would make it again tonight. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

If you haven't noticed yet, once I have a good song I use it on either Tuesday or Thursday Tunes. There's no rhyme or reason to my madness! 

This week's song is by Mumford and Sons. I can't stop listening to it. Its a two part song. The first part is called To Darkness:

The second part is called Kripa. Both are amazing.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Bi-Weekly Menu Sept 17th-Sept 28th

I have made a menu for the first time in....

man I can't even tell you how long.

But here it is. So Running With the Girls, your family can eat again! :-P

Baked French Toast
Diced Ham and Eggs
Steak Fingers with Gravy
Chicken Teriyaki, Rice and Steamed broccoli
Orzo with Parm and Basil
Crockpot Chicken Ceaser Sandwiches
T-Bone Steaks with Hotel Butter
Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit Casserole
Best Macaroni Salad Ever
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Wreath
White Chicken Cheddar Pasta
Tex-Mex Chicken Soup
Bacon-Chicken Crescent Ring Bake
Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Tater Tot Casserole

Course, since I will be 36 weeks on Friday, I MIGHT have Little Miss before then. I doubt it since my last OB appt showed that she is making ZERO effort to try and come out. Before my midwife was thinking I wouldn't make it to 37 weeks. Now she's thinking that she might just stay in the entire 40 weeks. Given how large she is, I really hope not!!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Tunes

Other Chef has exposed me to all sorts of music. He has a wide range of what he will listen to. This band is one of them...

For some reason, I can't get enough of them. 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11....11 years later....

11 years ago today, my history class was told something by Mr Valentic and his words, I can still in my head today. 

He turned to us while we all sat at our desks, dumbfounded as to WHY someone would attack our country like this. We were all juniors, 16-17 years old. Completely sheltered to something so evil. Our biggest worry was a sale at Abercrombie or passing our Japanese test that was coming up. We were not worried about our country being attacked and thousands of people dying in a single day.

"You might not see it or know it now, but your lives will be forever changed from this moment on."

How true that statement is and was.

11 years later and I can guarantee that everyone knows at least one person who has been affected by 9/11 and the subsequent war(s) that followed.

11 years later and that day still echos in all our ears. 11 years later and we can all remember exactly what we were doing on that day, at that minute when we saw it happen. 

11 years later and I can still see that second tower being hit. I can still see those towers collapsing like they were made out of Legos.

11 years later and we know real life heroes. Not the ones we see on TV. But actual men and woman who lay down their lives, no questions asked, for their country. Because to them, its an honor to serve. Its an honor to do their duty.

11 years later and we are still reflecting. We are still reeling with the aftermath of 9/11. 

How has your life changed?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

LeMay American Car Museum Trip

Saturday was a trip to the LeMay American Car Museum. It just opened this summer and not gonna lie, I was really stoked to go. I grew up around cars. My family drag raced and still races. I grew up with muscle cars in my garage. I love all things old cars. Little Man however was like Oh look...its a car. So yes, this trip was most definitely I think more for us adults then it was for the kiddo! 

My son asked if this is the car Grandma drove when she got a car....yes, I snorted.

1961 Chrysler

1960 Chevy Camaro, and I HATE that this one is blurry :( 

1951 Chevy Truck

1920s Gangster Car. Beautiful.

One view of Tacoma...that big white building is where I will be having Little Miss.

Downtown Tacoma. I love the view of the Mountains and the Sound.

1953 Buick.

1931 Duesenberg

1933 Mercedes Benz

1930 Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Ghost

1960 Chevy Corvette

Old School BMW...kinda cool actually!

THE Flintstone car from the movie. Little Man's favorite car. LOL

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet My Girl....

Nope haven't had her yet. 

But I have had those awesome 3D ultrasounds. Not gonna lie, a BIG reason I picked the practice I did (besides totally loving all the midwives there!!!). 

Meet Little Miss Madelyn Grace.

They have her estimated to be about 6.5lbs already (give or take 12 oz). She has a big ole head like her brother. Long arms and long legs (which I feel in all parts of my insides). A full head of hair already and since I still have 6 more weeks, there will more then likely be LOTS of it. Long eyelashes already and most definetly STILL a girl. 

Just 6 more weeks and she is finally here.


That time just flew by huh? 

OH and here is me the other night after my maternity pictures were taken.




Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update on Little Miss (32 weeks!!!)

So Little Miss will be here soon. I am due in October but midwife's exact words were "IF we can get you to 37 weeks then she can come at any time and I will be happy." She has already dropped. She is HUGE. With Little Man I had a ton of extra fluid (I had gestational diabetes) so I never was able to go "Oh that is a leg", "oh this is his butt". With this one, I can. Like currently she is punching down below and she keeps rolling around. My stomach looks like she is playing Dance Party Revolution in there (which she won't since I am jamming to Journey and she always gets really excited when that comes on). She gets the hiccups all the time. Which I guess is a good sign according to my midwife because it means her lungs are developing nicely. Except it makes her insanely mad. She starts kicking nonstop. She punches hard. She does NOT like it. Honestly, she better come out with some red hair because this little girl is FIESTY. She has my temper already. Oh man.

And here I am. About ready to pop. I look like major crap because I am sleeping MAYBE 3-4 hours a night (sciatica is an awesome ailment, let me tell you :()....

32 weeks, 33 tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I will blog for sure soon. Just need something interesting to blog about!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

Saturday was a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo

Don't they look mighty cool? 

Can you find the wolf? 

Mister Porcupine enjoying a morning meal.

Beautiful Kangaroo looking mighty sad :( 

Yes I was so waiting for one of them to poop on me and the Rebel.

My Kitty Babies sleep like that too!

He's thinking "Plump...lunch."

Little Man's favorite animal ever.

Oh Hello Mister Giraffe, is it feeding time? (no zoom lens, we got to feed him and he was literally that close to me)

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