Sunday, April 29, 2012

Burger King Menu Review and Gift Card Giveaway

I was recently given the chance by MyBlogSpark to try out Burger King's new healthy choice menu. I picked Wednesday night after getting my tooth taken out because let's face it, I didn't want to have to cook after going through all of that! 

Off we went to Burger King and I ordered Little Man a 6 piece kids meal. Other chef ordered the Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap with a Tropical Mango Smoothie and I ordered the Chicken Ceaser Garden Fresh Salad with the Strawberry Banana Smoothie. The wraps are a huge hit around here (so cheap and very delicious, I am a fan of the Ranch one personally) and the salad was good. Course I couldn't finish the entire thing because of my mouth BUT it was good so definetly something I will try again. The dressing that comes with it is the Citrus Ceaser Vinaigrette and I wasn't a fan of that (too tangy for me) but it was still decent. I think next time I go I might try the Ranch dressing and see how I like it with the salad. 

The the smoothies have got me hooked. I haven't tried their Tropical Mango one yet but Other Chef is a huge fan. He loves how there are chunks of mango in the smoothie itself. He also likes how its mixed in front of you. I am a HUGE fan of the Strawberry Banana one. So much in fact, I went back the next day to get another one. There isn't too much strawberry or banana flavor. It seems like the flavor is just right. 

Want to try out these menu items as well? Well here's your chance at a 25$ BK Crown Card! All you have to do to enter down below is tell me which item off of the fresh choice menu you'd try! That's it! 

Good luck! The giveaway will end on May 6th at 9AM :D

Disclosure: The coupons, product information, and additional gift pack have been provided courtesy of Burger King Corporation through MyBlogSpark.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dry Socket :(

So I did everything I was supposed to...

Didn't drink with a straw. 
Obviously do NOT smoke anymore (actually quit BEFORE pregnancy so go me!)
Did the salt water rinse
There was no spitting.
I rinsed after eating my meals so that way food particles did NOT get into my socket.
Drank no carbonation drinks.

Yet I STILL ended up with a dry socket. :( 

I had a lot of pain starting on Wed and Thurs. I figured it was normal and just took some Tylenol. Well this morning I called and they were like Nope, come in. I did and sure as heck, the blood clot never formed completely so there was a partial dry socket going on. They had to numb me really good and then he cleaned it and packed it with paste. No pain now which is really good but man this stinks. I also wondered WHY he didn't just pack it to begin with when he said:

Its actually kinda common in pregnant women. The elevated estrogen can actually give you dry socket.

Oh...good to know Doc! 

*shakes fist*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Tunes

This song is putting me into tears so probably shouldn't keep listening to it BUT this line...

"Even if you can not hear my voice, I am right beside you, dear"

Makes me think of my Grams. And how much I really was not ready to let her go. And how much I really really wish she was here. Because, and its selfish of me, but I NEED her here. I have never missed anyone as much as I have missed her. And it still sucks almost a year and a half later.

Whats on the menu tonight? Tonight I am making homemade beef stroganoff in the crockpot with egg noodles :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Momma Topic #1: Crib Bedding

Well I survived having my tooth yanked. Literally took me like 15 minutes in there. Took longer to drive there then it did to yank it out. Now its just making sure that it heals and no dry sockets. Ewie.

First Momma topic on this week is the wonderful crib decor!!

Having children that are 7 years apart means that you have really absolutely nothing from the previous child (unless you kept it all which honestly, not sure how many people actually do that?). Which in turn means that you are spending quite a bit of money on stuff the baby needs (or really what will make your life easier!!). There is a growing pile of baby stuff that is just waiting to be put in its proper place once the nursery is set up (which not buying furniture until the gender is revealed) so that will still be another month. BUT it kinda looks like this (please ignore the bookcase in my room, its supposed to be for my textbooks but the bottom shelves has become my catch all bookcase):

Lots of things this little one needs and I am not even halfway through buying stuff!!! 

ANYWAY back to the topic at hand...nursery decor. I am letting you awesome readers pick which ones we will use for boy or girl! I have it limited it down to 2 each and honestly, can't decide. So here goes:

Boy Choices:

Pirate Party

Girl Choices:

Owls (has a super cute applique on Amazon that matches this too!)

Love Bird
Neutral Choices:

Animal Parade

Treetop Friends
I honestly could just make this easier on myself and not worry about it until I know what I am having but honestly, where is the fun in that?? Plus I like planning things out. I hate feeling overwhelmed and honestly with baby stuff, its VERY easy to feel that way!! 

So whatcha think? Cast your votes below. I know I have my favorite but would love to see what you all think! 

On the menu tonight is Chicken Ceaser Sandwiches. Should be interesting to see how well I eat since after I am done eating, I have to rinse my mouth out. Fun times huh? Whatcha having for dinner? 

Hope you lovies are having a good day!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Not going to be overly Momma-ish...

First I will share a new belly picture. I was feeling like I was getting bigger and apparently, I am. I am huge already and I am not even halfway there!! LOL 

15 weeks, don't I look thrilled?
I could have managed a smile BUT I am in lots of pain currently. My wisdom teeth were never extracted and they are now forcing their way up into my mouth. Well my dentist want's to use the most of my limited dental coverage (1200$ for the year) and he was going to yank my back molars and let me wisdom teeth become my back molars (Note: all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in beautifully apparently). WELL the one on the bottom right has NOWHERE to go so its been coming up against my back molar. I needed to get them all pulled BUT I got pregnant and that didn't work out as planned. Friday night, my tooth shattered. The wisdom tooth has completely pushed its way up and yeah no beuno. So today at 1pm I am getting it times. Not.

I've decided to not get all Momma-ish gooey on here. Figure once a week I will post something that I want to post (like one week about cribs, one week about strollers, one week about paint swatches LOL) and be done with it. Plus it works out too cause there are some things I am just completely indecisive about (like the crib) and its nice to have a neutral opinion about it all :D

Not sure what is on the menu tonight...I know for me it will be Jello, Pudding, Soup, Applesauce. Sounds exciting doesn't it??

Tune of the day:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can't Get Enough Water Lately

Lately it seems that I just can't get enough water. I am drinking 2 of those 1liters of Fiji water daily. And I really think that I am one of those weird ones. Depending on the brand of water (or even my filtered water) it has to be warm. Fiji Water is one of them. For some reason, I love me some warm water! 

Nothing new to report. Cooking has severely slacked because of how busy we all are. I just cook whatever is quickest and will fill us up. I have been writing down some recipe ideas though since I can't run currently, I am going to be cooking up a storm again. Hope you are all ready! 

I am most definetly into purge mode. I am giving away stuff, tossing stuff that just isn't reusable, trying to purge a lot of Little Man's older stuff. Right now I am hanging onto clothes (which I hate doing) until I know if this is a boy or girl. If this is a girl, all of it will be gone and time to start afresh. Which hey, I am perfectly okay with since Little Girl clothing is SO. DANG. CUTE. 

We start working on Little Man's new room this week. SUPER excited. But I think he might be more then I am. I will definetly take more pictures as its all put together :D 

What is new in your neck of the woods? Any good races lately? What's on your menu for tonight? 

On our menu: Trader Joe Hamburgers on the grill with some grilled pineapple

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the Congrats! It means a lot :D 

Finally into my 2nd trimester which means the fun starts. Course I am sick of waiting and I want to know what I am having NOW. I could never be one of those people that don't find out. I hate green and yellow neutral clothing. I want pinks and purples or blues! I can tell you right now I am thinking pink though! I think a lot of that is because I had my 1st Trimester Fetal Scan last Monday and the 3D ultrasound showed NOTHING between the legs. BUT its still early to tell so we shall see! Fingers crossed that it's a little girl though!! 

Thanks again so much! I will most definetly be blogging about this journey. Its so different then my pregnancy with Little Man. I was so sick for the first 2 months :( Also, being tired. It seems like I can NOT get enough sleep. That is all I want to do! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I can't wait any longer!!

I was going to wait until Wordless Wednesday for this BUT...

After 6 years of miscarriages and being told by numerous Docs that I would NEVER carry another child...

After many many many tears about it and wanting so bad to have more children...


I just hit my 14 weeks yesterday so finally into my 2nd trimester!! WOOHOO! It was horrible for me to keep quiet about this, it really has been. 

I am incredibly big already, I had a full on bump at 8 weeks. They were worried it was my gestational diabetes coming back (had it with Little Man) BUT so far so good. Gummy Bear (as I call him/her) is measuring 3 weeks ahead BUT everything else is measuring per my due date so they won't change anything. 6.5 inches long as of Monday when at 13 weeks, GB should have been 3.5 inches. Everything is incredibly healthy. Very squirmy child. At my fetal tones appt, it took 2 nurses and the Midwife to find the heartbeat. GB is extremely low SO long baby, super low equals pushing out already equals HUGE belly! LOL 

I am hoping its a girl. I want a girl so bad! But of course, I am going to be happy with whatever God gives me. 

Here is my 8 week ultrasound of GB. Looks kinda like an alien doesn't it? 

8 week ultrasound of Gummy Bear

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Tunes

What's on your playlist?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Randoms

I have a WoW calendar hanging on my wall. I realize that makes me a HUGE nerd but I'm okay with that :D 

I recently took a blood splatter analysis class and it was literally the coolest thing ever. For a split second I considered changing my major...for the 4th time.

I hate the silence. I have to have music playing during the day. At night I must fall asleep with the TV on or I can't sleep.

I am totally a female gamer. Its funny too cause die hard gamers don't think girls can game. Yeah...keep believing that buddy...

I am insanely scared of clowns. If you really want to freak me out, take me to the circus without me knowing. I will be on the ground in the fetal position bawling.

I totally screwed up tonights dinner. It was goulash and when I went to add the pepper, I didn't pay attention to what side was open and it was the spoon side, not the sprinkle. Its still edible but you better like pepper!

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven't been to the gym since January. Was really scared to until I got a clearance from my Doc. And I still didn't get a clearance to run, just walk.

Monday, April 09, 2012

A Game of Thrones Book Review

This book most definetly lives up the hype that surrounds it. In the Seven Kingdoms, its all a power struggle between the different families. And the largest struggle happens between the Starks and the Lannisters. If you are not a Lannister, then you are not safe once the King dies. Everyone is out for your blood. Its a story of falsely accused treason, dragons, Kings and Queens, Lords and Lady's. If you haven't picked this up yet, you are completely missing out.

(Lots of things happen in this book and I can't give a proper review without giving story lines away. Just take my word for it...its AMAZING!!!)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!!! 

I hope everyone has a great and blessed Easter weekend. 

Mine is going to be jam packed with things to do. Yesterday we made Easter Cookies (pictures to follow later) and those are amazing! I am not a homemade cookie maker at all so that was definetly a treat for Little Man! 

Today we are headed to an Easter Egg Hunt and then coming home to boil a TON of eggs (making egg salad sandwiches tomorrow and possibly some deviled eggs). 

Tomorrow we are headed to D's Mom's house for Easter brunch. She makes the most amazing food so this belly can't wait!

What are your plans for this Easter weekend?

What do you normally cook for Easter lunch/dinner?

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

No Color Run :(

So no Color Run this year for me :( Registration for Seattle sold out in less then 24 hours. Its on their Seattle page website that apparently it set some record selling out. Poo. Poo on that. BUT at least people got in and that is cool. Maybe next time! 

So the recipe for the Cajun Chicken Alfredo is insanely simple. It makes a ton of food and leftovers in this house are always good (makes for delicious lunches). I will have the recipe posted at the end of this post. No pictures as by the time it was done, I was dying of hunger. No really. My stomach was growling up a storm!

Game of Thrones on Sunday WAS amazing. I like that I am still on the 1st book of the series (so far there are 5 out) because for the most part, I have NO idea what is going on. But at the same time, I looked up certain characters to see their fate and it pains me to see some of them. The thing that anyone must know about George R.R. Martin is he is NOT scared to kill every one. He really is not! LOL In all honesty, that kinda makes me mad because I am like But but...he was awesome!!! If you haven't started watching yet, you must. Its amazing and it totally has me waiting each week for Sunday night! Plus one of the character is named Arya and that is definetly a front runner for a little girls name ;-D

Tonight is Wednesday so that means AWANA night. Next year he starts First Communion classes. I see my schedule totally being eaten up by various sports and times. But going to be totally worth it! 

Tonight on the menu is Hamburger Helper. Yes I know. Not the healthiest but Wednesdays are either grab and go or whatever can be cooked quickly :D 

What are you having for dinner? 

Cajun Chicken Alfredo with Penne Pasta

1 package of chicken breasts or chicken tenders
1 box of penne pasta 
1 jar of your favorite alfredo sauce (I use Classico Four Cheese Alfredo)
Cajun Seasoning (liberally)

1. Dice up chicken into bite size cubes. Put into frying pan with some EVOO.
2. Start the water for Penne Pasta. When boiling, add pasta and cook al dente.
3. Add cajun seasoning, as much as you want. (I use Tony Chacere's and its amazingly delicious). Cook chicken thoroughly.
4. Once chicken is done, add alfredo sauce. Heat up.
5. Add everything to cooked pasta and voila, done :D


Monday, April 02, 2012

One of those weekends...

Ever have those weekends where it seems like you need to use the week to recoup? 

Yeah that was my weekend.

Saturday I got up and went off. First to Costco which let me tell you, not sure WHY I haven't been using my membership this entire time. Its way cheaper then the commissary and its also because everything is bigger no doubt. But seriously, I buy those bags of the small bags of chips for Other Chef's lunches...28 bags for 13$. At Costco, 50 bags for 13$. Foldgers Classic Roast...I buy the big 270 cup container, 13$. At Costco the big 540 cup container is 13$. So yes...score! Not to mention the other things that I got. But honestly, I did about 90$ of my grocery shopping there...for a grand total of 150$. Not too shabby huh? Plus I scored a new toaster. Ours is sadly dying. So I got a Kitchen Aid stainless steel one with LED read...50$. On Amazon, its like 20$ more plus shipping. Can you tell I am IN LOVE with Costco yet? 

Then Little Man was treated to Chuck E Cheese. Ours was completely remodeled so its less trashy inside. Never a big fan of places like that but meh, he loves it. He had a blast. More then half a large pizza was eaten between the three of us and everyone went home happy. Win-Win.

Next stop was PetsMart. Grabbed a couple things for the cats and the dog. Then we headed home to sit for like 20 minutes.

Then off to Silverdale (an hour drive) to get a bookcase my friend was giving away. Hey, save me 90$ with a free bookcase? Heck yeah! Little Man has so many books he definetly needs a newer one so that was win-win again for us :D We ended up at eating at a place called Hop Jacks for dinner and it was delicious! Seriously the best lemonade I have ever had (Huckleberry which was FABULOUS)! The salad...I got the chicken tenders salad. I kept eating and eating and eating and seriously never made a dent in it. It was HUGE. Went home seriously stuffed :D 

Then rode the ferry home and got seasick. Nice huh? So apparently, me and ferry's don't mix! 

Sunday same thing. Got up and headed to Ashley Furniture Homestore to get Little Man a new bed:

He loves it. Its a panel bed with an option to add the drawers later. The only reason we didn't was because each side was another 225$ (which was actually more then the dresser) and we thought that was kind of a rip off. If we decide to add them later, we might. But for now, nah. It works without it. He is also getting the big bedroom downstairs which he is REALLY excited about. His room is just too tiny for everything in there and I need that bedroom for something else SO he is getting this big bedroom:

Facing the door from the one corner

Standing inside the hallway in the door.

His walk in closet

I have heard about 20 times this weekend that he is a "big boy" and needs a "big boy" room so argument there! Plus the room's been empty since about October of 2010 so this works big time :D

Finally got home and Game of Thrones was on not too long after. Excellent episode. I can't wait for this season and I can't wait to finish this book! Over halfway done so be looking for a review soon :D 

On the menu tonight: Chicken Cajun Alfredo with Penne Pasta

What did you do this weekend?? 

What is on your menu tonight?
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