Monday, September 02, 2013

It sure has been a minute!

So the bags are packed.

The truck is on its way.

We are relocating to Texas.

*Pause while it processes that I am literally homeless at the moment*

Its hard to do this on so many levels. Its hard to leave Seattle. Its hard to leave my friends. Its hard to leave my school!

I will be back every three months which will be a good refresher from from the heat.
At the moment me and Little Miss are hanging out with Tall Guy until the 15th and then we head out via plane. We have completely taken over his house. Everywhere you look there is girl or baby stuff. Glad he doesn't mind cause then I would just feel crappy. He's loving all the food I am cooking too. Yesterday we had PW's Sour Cream Bake and tonight I am making N's Ham and Potato Soup. 

Maybe I should start blogging again regularly you know? Keep a record/diary of this. Really miss blogging but never have the time! Its crazy! 

With that I am going to go finish reading my book and watching Kitchen Nightmares. Lots of Netflix are in my future.
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