Friday, December 13, 2013


How many people out there are lucky enough to have lifelong friends? Or even childhood friends that have stayed with you throughout the years? The friends that just get you and you know they will be there no matter what?

I remember growing up and I'd fight with one of my friends my Mom would look at me and say "Sweetie, none of this matters. There will be a handful of people that you will always have around and those will be your true friends." And, as much as this kills me to admit, she was right. I am still friends with those girls to this day so obviously our fights weren't too crazy! 

One of the cool things about being in the military life, and also can be one of the major downfalls, is making all these new friends...with the understanding that there will be a time that you or them will have to say goodbye. As adults, we keep in contact via phone, text or Facebook but for the kids, its really hard. I've really watched my son struggle with the move and making new friends and it hurts my heart. Because he doesn't understand WHY he can't still see them all the time. Or WHY we can't just go to see them. He'll see them in a couple weeks and I know he is bursting at the seams about it. I know he's young and there will be friends that come and go but I really hope that he keeps these friends, these childhood friends, as long as I did.

I have been in Seattle for about two weeks now and have spent an awesome time with my friends (#amazingfriends....LOL H!!!) but it sucks that once again, I am leaving them. These women can make me laugh like no other. We know that regardless of whatever ups and downs we have, we are there for each other. And that is a major upside to military life. That you get to meet amazing people like I have. But I also don't forget the friends that have come and gone from various bases. M, J, C and S, my four best friends from GA and WA. The three girls that we can go months without talking (which btw never happens with S or I get the "What the heck jerk!!!" message!) and we pick up like there was never a lapse in time. 

Really no point to those entry other then sitting here thinking about how much I have missed all my girls and thinking about how blessed I am to have people like that in my life. People that I know will be there for me always. People that I hope when we're old and senile we can laugh at all the crazy memories we have together.

Friday, December 06, 2013

I met Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!

So coming to Seattle has its perks! 

I was on Pioneer Woman's FB the other day and saw that she was going to be in Seattle promoting her new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, A Year of Holidays, and she would be available for book signing and pictures! So yes, I jumped at that chance because anyone who knows me knows I LOVE her and her recipes! 

So yesterday, Tall Guy came home from work and we instantly left for Town Hall in downtown Seattle. I was thinking we would be late but as we were walking in, so was she! She was with her sister and her nephew, who is too adorable, and they walked into their area. It took everything in me not to go EEEE! 

So we went into the auditorium and waited for the presentation to start. She came out and did a slideshow about her background and showed some pictures of the kids, Ladd's jeaned behind and her good eats. Then the book signing started. 

I bought a ticket so I was in the "priority" line and towards the front so that made me really happy. When we left, it was crazy long and there were people waiting down the stairs for a chance to meet her. Not to mention the people who didn't buy a ticket and had to wait. But she said she was signing every single book so I wonder how long she was there last night! 

It was my turn and we snapped this photo:


We chatted for a couple minutes. I told her "From high heels to tractor wheels" rings very true for me lately! I went from Seattle, WA to Abilene, Texas which is downright country! So that was a total change for me. She goes "Then you know exactly what I mean then!" I said yes! Its a whole different world. She laughed and said "Well you're back here now then?" I said yes. And she goes "Well then you're where you belong huh?" I laughed. (Growing up outside Cleveland, albeit a crappy city, still a city then to Seattle, WA then to Abilene, Texas...yeah, culture shock!) 

Overall, she is just as sweet as she seems on her blog and her show. She is so down to earth and she is absolutely beautiful! I hope I get to meet her again one day!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Whats new?

So what's new...

Well for one, I moved to Texas in September. That was a big change. Going from Seattle, WA where its a big city and beautiful and amazing in every middle of nowhere Abilene, Texas has taken some getting used to. And honestly, it hasn't. About the only positive thing, that is really sticking out in my mind is that my kids are knowing their grandparents for the first time in their lives. And they are loving it! Their first Christmas with the kids nearby and they are over the moon with joy about it. And it really makes me happy that my kids are finally able to have that experience given how close their parents were with their grandparents. Now if only they can be near my Mom and my side of the family, that would be amazing. Oh and another positive thing is that its new and its something to explore, albeit how tiny it is. LOL I am really happy that its something new but I still miss the city. Tremendously.

Speaking of kiddos, that brings me to the next thing. So we get there and Little Miss doesn't have a specialist she can see. And Tricare, our amazing insurance *insert sarcasm*, won't authorize us to take her to Dallas, at all. We have tried fighting the system, we have tried everything. There is not a single specialist in the area that can treat her GI issues. And the one Doc they sent me too, I waited 4.5 hours and he still never came in the room, filthy room, I might add. So now we are taking her back to Seattle to her old doctor so we can get some answers about what is going on with her.

I also got a job. I have missed working I will tell you that! Its nice to be back earning my own cash. And its an awesome job, working for Amazon taking calls from home. So if you live in a servicing area for them and are looking for a job I highly recommend Amazon! I love everything about it so far. (Actually on my 25 minute lunch break while I type this!) 

So for the time being, I am dividing my time between Seattle and Texas. I am currently sitting in my friends apartment in Seattle because of school and will be here until the 15th. I miss my kiddos but the good thing is I can see them everyday. It'll just be nice when I am finally done and never have to be away again. 

I go back to Texas on the 15th and then back here for Little Miss's appt on the 26th. Guess I can't stay away from Seattle too long huh? 
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