Sunday, February 24, 2013

When Life is Just So Busy!

Been so busy lately. They really aren't kidding when they said kids keep you on your toes! 

My son is in Cub Scouts and the annual blue and gold ceremony was this weekend. Being Pack 429's Cubmaster that entailed helping the other Pack plan it, stuffing silverware wrappers, cutting and gluing them, running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready in about two hours (that was totally my fault LOL). The boys had a blast and they were awarded so much stuff. We watched the WeBeLos become part of Boy Scouts and that was definitely a tear jerker (at least for me it was!). The boys did some adorable skits and the food was DELICIOUS (courtesy of Tracy and the Moms of the Pack). My Den Leaders even surprised me with this adorable gift and poem from them. Another tearjerker, jerks. That big banquet is behind us and now we start planning Crossover Event for May. Cub Scout duties is never done it seems!

Silverware Wrappers Stuffed and Ready to go!

The Scout Hut looking in through the door.

Cake Tables!
 Then the evening was followed up with some board games and some good company.


My cleaning out of the boxes has proven to be quite productive but also counterproductive as well. I cleaned out a box the other day and it was all books and textbooks and Cake Mania 2 (which I promptly loaded on my computer and played for a bit). Well the bookcase in my bedroom is still being organized so there is no room for all of this stuff. So it's sitting in neat piles in my front room. I have found some interesting things and also some things that I am like Why? There is a pile next to the front door that is the donation pile and it just grows bigger and bigger everyday.

I joined a group called Stroller Moms. It's a bunch of local Moms and there are walkers and runners and people getting into/back into running. We have our first meetup tomorrow at 930 at a park in a nearby city. I am really looking forward to the accountability that will be included in this. So much better than walking around Wapato Park with my iPod or working out at the gym alone. 

How life with you ladies? Anything fun or exciting happening soon? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Boxes-40 Days

So in my quest to get more organized and get this house under control, I started following Flylady again. I have used her control book a lot and followed her daily cleaning plans. You know, trying to feel like I was accomplishing something! Well she started a 40 Day Challenge for Lent. 

And so I said sure, let's do this. My garage is FULL of boxes. I hate the look of cardboard boxes. Absolutely hate it. And of course moving as much as I have, there is a plenty around this place. 

Challenge Accepted.

Box 1/40 today unearthed a scanner I haven't seen since 2006, an old modem and router and a bunch of yearbooks. I can understand keeping the yearbooks but the scanner, modem and router...yeah that's gotta go!

So whatcha think? You think you're up to the "40 Day Purge Challenge"? 

Monday, February 11, 2013


I see all these really cute ideas on Pinterest of all these neat organizing tools and things people have done to make their home look adorable. 

Note: these photos are not mine, they were taken from Pinterest boards I have!

Look how cute those are. Each thing has a place. And each place is neat and organized. 

Then I look around my house and I realize that if I just got rid of half of this...clutter/ house could be organized too! So I have started purging and throwing away. Time to be ruthless. Time to have no more guilt. You know, the random Xmas cards that I have been keeping in the Xmas totes...why? The random birthday cards I get. Why am I keeping those? 

You know what's really funny, the more organized room in this entire house is Little Miss's and Little Man's. How is that even possible? Aren't they the ones that make the most mess? (Well Little Man since Little Miss is only 4 months old!)

Is your house all cute and organized? Anyone else doing some massive spring cleaning?

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Madelyn's Painted Letters

I had these painted for her, love them. They match her bedding and everything perfectly. So bright and fun. I am so glad I went with the pick that I did. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Downton Abbey

So I realize I am very late in the game on this one but wow. This show is amazing. Not in a suspenseful way at all. But in a must keep watching this awesome British show kinda way. I absolutely adore it. And the Dowager Countess...omg. Hilarious. At least once in every episode she has a one liner that makes me laugh so hard I snort. If you haven't watched it, DO IT.
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