Friday, October 19, 2012

Well then!

This time I have been gone because I DID have her! :D 

Madelyn Grace was born on her due date, October 12th, 2012, after being in labor for over 20 hours. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, 21 inches long and has some beautiful black hair. Her eyes are not as big as Little Man's but they are extremely dark blue and god I hope they stay that color. She is such a good baby. Nursing well, sleeping well. Very rarely cries unless she's cold (every diaper change) or she's wet. Big brother is doing so well with her. He adores her and dotes on her already. Now's the fun part of just adjusting to no sleep! 

All pictures are courtesy of our photographer.


Jennʻs Adventureʻs said...

So sweet!! Congrats to your lil family!! Post more photos:)))))

PS: it took me a million times to post this comment -- remove those darn captcha settings mama!! grrrrr!!!

Running With The Girls said...

So happy for you!!!!! Love her name. ;)

Suz and Allan said...

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations again on your gorgeous little girl!

Anastasia said...

Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy!

B. Jarosz said...

Aww... Congratulations!!!

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