Sunday, June 26, 2011

Penne Pasta....

Okay so lets be honest, penne pasta is amazing. Its my fave. I would rather use that use spaghetti. I went through this stage where I had like 5 boxes of penne pasta in my pantry and every single time I would go grocery shopping, I would just buy more. It was a tad ridiculous. BUT nom.

Pioneer Woman has this delicious dish. Its called Penne Al La Betsy. Now not only does it use Penne Pasta but it also have my Mom's name in it. Had to make it!

So as the recipe calls, you are supposed to use fresh shrimp. Yeah I went lazy and bought the precooked, frozen shrimp. My bad. I also used the correct amount of heavy whipping cream this time. (Yes I have made this dish before)

Did my son eat it? Nope. I am still working on him eating stuff with "green" stuff in it. That is something we just haven't mastered yet :(


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