Monday, November 07, 2011

Homemade Mac and Cheese!!!

Little Man is obsessed with Mac and Cheese. And I don't mean the good homemade kind. I am talking the out of a box Kraft mac and cheese. Even then, its not even the good kind. Its the standard Kraft. The only box mac and cheese I can eat is the Thick and Creamy (insert some kind of sick innuendo here..)

Anytime I make Mac and Cheese (which if Little Man had his way, it WOULD be everyday), I try and make a new recipe. The first time I ever made homemade, I didn't know what words like "rue" meant. Like what is that?!? So that ended up horribly, I threw it in the garbage and tried again the next day. It came out alright. Not the best cheese but meh. It was something new.

I found this recipe betcha, Tasty Kitchen. (Slight obsession with that site, not gonna lie) It was super good and very delicious, not as creamy as that picture makes it look but meh, who cares. My son two bowls of it so to me, it was a success. Not sure if I will make it again though. Velvetta and me just aren't friends so meh, who knows. But definitely worth the try for all you cooks out there!


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