Monday, November 21, 2011

Roast Beast!!!

Yes, totally had a breath of the Grinch there for a minute. So each payday (we get paid twice a month) I scope out Tasty Kitchen, PW and some of the blogs for new recipes to try. Well I decided instead of only scanning twice a month and then pulling my hair out trying to make my menu, I have sat and just saved a ton of links. Now will be the fun part of trying to organize it all! But anyway, we eat a lot of meat in this house. Its mostly chicken but I am always up for some beef recipes. Making a roast is always new to me, never really made it and the times I have...well yeah. Not so good. So I found this recipe on TK and it seemed so simple and actually looks really delicious. I have never had the soups it calls for so I honestly had NO idea what it was going to taste like.

I got everything together, seared the meat and then put it in the dish. (Does anyone else only use Pyrex dishes??) Then put it in the oven.

This is where my "blonde" moment kicked in.

See, I have this habit of preheating like you are supposed to but also accidentally turning off the oven. Don't ask me why but I literally have to catch myself doing it. Apparently though, this was not one of those times I caught myself.

Wednesday nights are AWANA nights for Little Man. So I had it all timed out that dinner would be ready in PLENTY of time for him to eat before church. Yeah...that didn't work out. 2.5 hours goes by, I am playing my nerd game and I hear from the kitchen "Umm...the stove is turned off." I race into the kitchen and I am like WHAT?!? Sure as heck, the roast has been sitting in the oven for 2.5 hours...not cooking. Yes, I said that right. NOT COOKING. Mind you, it is now 600pm. I got Ethan something else to eat and started the oven up...again. NOT happy at this point.

Around 815, it was done. At this point, I am not even hungry. I grabbed a bag of salt and vinegar chips and vegge'd. Oh yes, so healthy right? Thursday night we had dinner at a friends house (made her PW's chicken spaghetti, there were NO leftovers at all), Friday night we had a friends going away BBQ so this delicious roast wasn't even eaten until Saturday night. I have what I am thinking is pneumonia (Doc appt tomorrow morning so I will know then) so the other chef made the sides (rice with beef gravy...McCormick rocks!) and I ate it in bed on Saturday. Hence why there are no pictures to show for this delicious roast.

Definetly DEFINETLY make this. You will not be disappointed, it is AMAZING.


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