Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a quick note....

Hi everyone! 

I am still alive, I am still cooking and I have a LOT of updates to give this blog. I have been MIA for about a week now and its because I have been so busy with Doctor's appts, stuff at Little Man's school, school has started back up (man taking 5 classes at a time, WHAT was I thinking??) and just generally wanting to sleep all the time! 

I miss you all! I had one heck of a week. Friday ended with my tire completely shredded. Like we're talking entire side of tire gone. That was replaced today so now I am just trying to catch up on housework that I was too sick to handle! Can we say deep spring cleaning?? OH YES! 

I will be updating again in a couple hours, about to go get my roast in the oven!!! 


AFwife7911 said...

I hadn't seen you in my feed for a while and was wondering if I had just missed your posts!
Glad you are back and hope you get to feeling better!
What happened to your tire!? Hope it didn't happen while you were in the vehicle, and if it did, glad you are okay!

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