Saturday, March 24, 2012

When it rains, it pours?

You know, I always wondered what that saying really meant. I have never had horrible Murphy's Law really. Well, this last time Other Chef was gone it was one thing after another but at least I had a couple weeks in between crappiness.

This time, not so much. 

Ain't this the dang truth?

My tire blew last Friday, finally had it replaced by Sunday. 150$ to fix that bad boy.

Monday, my brakes went out. No warning. No grinding. No squealing. Just out.

Come to find out I broke the calibers on my brakes and I was leaking brake fluid everywhere. So they had to rebuff my brake pads, flush the entire system, replace the calibers. 240$ for those bad boys BUT at least my car is safe to drive again! 

Wednesday I am sitting at my Docs Appt and I hear my ring make this tinking noise. I look at it and move my diamond. Its literally TURNING in the prongs. So on my way home, I stop at Jared's to get it re-tightened. Well upon looking at my band, I was missing 3 prongs on those. 120$ to save that investment.


So 510$ in a matter of three days. Nice huh? 

Someone up there has to be laughing at us. Seriously.


Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

aww, keep your head up girl. He never gives us anything we can't handle. You're definitely not alone!

Suz and Allan said...

I'm so sorry girl! Bad things usually comes in threes for me so hopefully that holds true for you and there will be nothing but good things in store!

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