Monday, May 06, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge

Living in the Pacific Northwest there is literally so much to do. Having lived here for 7 years, I still have yet to see like 90% of this state. So this summer, I plan on making it a busy one. Get out there, enjoy this weather. Go site seeing! Be a tourist for a day in some of the areas I have gone to all the time! So when the awesome Hilary posted a link about the 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge it sounded like an awesome way to get out there and have a great summer! 

2013 Summer Bucket List

1. Sidewalk Chalk Art (which will totally be Little Man's thing, I can't touch chalk at all!)
2. Berry Picking at Charlotte's Blueberry Park
3. Wave Pool in Tacoma (we went a ton last year and will go a ton this year!)
4. Drive In Movie
5. Hike Mt Rainier
6. Snoqualmie Waterfall
7. Snohomish Train Museum
8. Go see the beautiful Tulips in Skagit Valley
9. Visit Mt St Helens and Mt Baker
10. Take a ferry to Vashon Island
11. Whale watching!!
12. Visit Shi Shi Beach, Alki, Rialto, Kalaloch Cannon, and Ruby
13. Ocean Shores and get in the water (okay okay, just toesies)
14. Hike through Discovery Park
15. Take a ferry ride somewhere random
16. Visit 3 waterfalls
17. Have a picnic on DuPont Beach
18. Visit a dairy farm
19. Crater Lake National Park
20. Seattle Zoo
21. Seattle Aquarium
22. Ride the Big Wheel 
23. Make fresh popsicles
24. Walking tour of Old DuPont and Pikes Market Walking Tour
25. Leavenworth, WA (too bad it's not during the winter)
26. Hurican Ridge
27. Summer Reading Programs...again
28. Ride the new Crystal Mountain Gondola
29. Make Smore's
30. Ride the Seattle Duck Tour
31. Sci-Fi Museum
32. Pacific Science Museum and actually spend a lot of time there
33. Taste of Tacoma
34. Bite of Seattle
35. Tour Boeing Museum
36. Wild Waves Water Park

Thanks to Hilary for some of the great ideas. She apparently has gotten out a lot more then I have so she knew of all these beautiful places! 

I can't wait to blog about it. I look forward to this awesome summer! 


Suz and Allan said...

That's quite a list! It sounds like a lot of fun things for you and your family to do.

Josh said...

Yes! #16 is my favorite :)

amber whitehead said...

I want to come spend summer with you sounds fabulous.

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