Monday, May 27, 2013

#21 Seattle Aquarium Done and my New Toy!!

Now that I have a few moments to actually sit down and blog! 

A couple weeks ago Tall Guy and I took the kiddos to the Seattle Aquarium. This was me and Little Man's second time going but a first for Tall Guy. Honestly, given how expensive it is to get in (around 60$ for all of us) I am never impressed. Little Man had a good time though and that is honestly all that matters. 
When you first walk in, Little Man reading the board.

Awesome shot of the Sound.

Then I got this awesome thing in the mail:

Nike Fuelband is a must IMO! I am literally obsessed with this thing and making sure that I hit all the goals that I set for myself. It tracks fuel (energy) that you have burned throughout the day, steps, calories burned. On my Zumba days the steps are insane (around 7k total). I find myself hitting my goal earlier and earlier in the day too. Love it!! 

(Anyone on Nike+ website, add me as a friend!)

I know I said I would have a giveaway a couple weeks ago and I promise it's coming! I will upload it tomorrow! 

Hope you're all having a good Memorial Day Weekend! 


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