Monday, August 05, 2013

Family Recipe: Pudding Things

Simple name huh? Not entirely sure how it got its name or if its just a made up thing with a really simple name (as its pudding) but I think its funny.

Tall Guy's family makes these all the time. Christmas, Sunday breakfasts or just because. So the other morning he made these for breakfast. And they were super delicious! Not only are they delicious but they are super simple. The only disclaimer I give is that they are very filling and very rich. So while that plate shows 4, I was only able to eat like 3.5. Which yes, holy crap 3.5. But once you get going, you can't stop! LOL

Recipe after the pictures! Enjoy!

Recipe: Pudding Things


2 Packets COOK AND SERVE Pudding
Whole Milk
Whipped Frosting
Crescent Rolls (for 2 boxes of pudding, use two canisters)

Cook Pudding to directions on box.
Fold crescent rolls back onto themselves to form a square and place on an inverted muffin pan, cook according to package.
Melt a portion of the frosting in the microwave.
Fill crescent roll bowls with the cooked pudding and drizzle with frosting.
Pair with a cup of coffee or some milk! 



Suz and Allan said...

Sounds very tasty!

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