Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Creamy Portabella Pot Roast

So this blog entry has no pictures. I was so frustrated in the end that I said screw it. Maybe I will take a picture when I have some leftovers tomorrow...maybe.

The other morning, I decided to start my pot roast. Mind you, I didn't start it until 930. It says to let cook for 8 to 10 hours. Yikes. Add in to the fact that I had to leave to pick up my son from school before 1020 and you can see we have an issue. I propped my Tab up and got down to business.

Only...I didn't read the recipe. And this is where the fiasco starts.

I seared the meat, stuck it in the crock pot and got down to slicing and dicing the veggies. I didn't cube the potatoes, I sliced them up (thin). I also didn't use yukon gold, I used red potatoes. The reason being is that my brand new bag of potatoes (or so I thought to be brand new) were bad. Nice huh? Reason like 9 million why the commissary at this base just sucks. So anyway, I chopped up all the veggies and realized crock pot isn't that big. Like I am seriously wanting a bigger one (hint hint, nudge nudge). So I had to downsize the veggies big time because there just wasn't enough room. But anyway, I make the sauce and pour it in and I am like Hmm...that wasn't a lot. Like 1 cup of cooking wine and 1 can of soup. Hmm. Not really that much for all the ingredients BUT I will try my luck!

Then I read the recipe. Yeah...didn't do it right. I didn't mix the veggies together with the sauce. And I didn't put half the veggies on the bottom with the meat on top.

That sets in the panic.

I had like four people telling me to add some water, it won't hurt anything plus it will prevent the meat from drying out. Drying out meat could cause crock pot to crack. If my crock pot cracked, you would have one sad panda over here. So I added less then a cup.

Big. Mistake. At least, I think so.

Around 6pm, the meat was floating there was so much liquid. Add into the fact that the potatoes were still hard. Its been cooking for 8 hours by this point! I was like What is going on?!? So I cooked it for another hour.

Its not 7pm. Little Man is hungry, I am hungry. I said forget it and we ate. The potatoes were still a little firm. The meat was a tad tough. But overall, it was good. I honestly just don't know if I will cook it again. Or at least not until I get a bigger crock pot. (hint hint nudge nudge)

The recipe can be found here. (yes Tasty Kitchen is amazing).


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