Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Girl Clothes...

So when it comes to kids clothes, baby boy clothes (IMO) are cute to a certain point. But once they hit that toddler stage its all the same stuff. Polos, khaki shorts, jeans, button downs, Bermuda shorts, tshirts. They very much look like little men. So buying clothes for Little Man is quite easy. It really is. I mostly shop at Children's Place or Old Navy for him because like I said..little man clothing. 

Then I found out I was having a girl.

And bad.

I never really looked at little girl clothing before because I didn't have one. I have bought a couple friends some outfits for their girls but nothing crazy. Then when I got pregnant with this one, I just knew it was a girl. I was drawn to the girl clothing. I was drawn to the cute dresses and the crochet hats with the big ole flower on the side:

Like are you for real?? HOW FREAKING CUTE!!! 

Then you have stores like Carters and Gymboree. OH...WOW. I think my only saving grace right now is that all the stores have their summer stuff out and I can't buy that stuff right now. I am in the market for fall/winter so I have a couple more months until I am like OMFG! 

Course that doesn't stop me from buying these: (Yes had to share cause look how freaking cute!!!)

The onesie....

The bottoms that matches it (also comes with a short sleeve onesie that says "Daddy's Girl"

Outfits I bought the day I found out she was a girl.
 Yeah...I'm in trouble.....


Jen said...

Oh my, yes you are in trouble!!!! Izzy immediately pointed to the outfit on the left and said "I want you to buy me that one"......I'm in trouble too. :)

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