Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some things in the news....

So I am not political nor do am I really religious. I don't attend Mass regularly like I should (I really need to go but I just haven't and I keep saying each week that I will...yeah its not really happening) but I do have faith. I do know there is a greater power (or rather I choose to believe that). There are crucifixes hanging in my house. My children will go through Holy Communion and Confirmation. In fact, I am having both of them baptized in November.

That being said...something in the news today has really...bothered me. I normally don't get involved with Obama politics because really, I don't like him. And lately I think he's been making a ton of comments because he wants to gain his votes. Period. BUT that doesn't make him a bad man, it makes him a politician. I get that.

But today...yeah. 

Today it was ordered that all military Bibles can NOT be sold on bases anymore. Period. End of story. Why? Because of some stupid atheist group. NOW not everyone who doesn't believe in something is stupid, no. Nor does this one group of people encompass all of the atheists in this country. But this group that is fighting for what? Something that is easily ignored like I ignore the people who rant about there NOT being a God? What I have to say to them is simply this...given how much more crap our country has to worry about, if this ONE THING stands out in your mind then I wish I was walking around with your blinders on. I really do.

And what kills me is that the same people, our political heads, who ordered this to happen are the SAME political heads who are passing and making bills based on THEIR religious views. Um what? How hypocritical can you be?!? 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I hate that. How can they be so worried about our freedoms and then start taking away being able to buy a BOOK on base. If they don't believe in God they shouldn't be threatened by the Bible which is a book.

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