Monday, July 16, 2012

My Weekend in Review.


Tall Guy and I went to dinner at Gordon Biersch and had an absolutely awesome meal. The resturant overlooks the city of Seattle (its on the 4th floor) and its just beautiful. The only thing that could have made that beautiful day better was being able to drink a tall Bud Light. But hey, we can't all get what we want right? :-P Westlake Center is not far from Pike's Market so we decided to walk down there. 

Walking down the how beautiful the Sound is
And of course I had to be a tourist and snap a picture inside the Market..

Famous Public Market sign...
We ended up going to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we indulged in some sweets (me a cheesecake covered apple) and some delicious ice cream. I ordered Spumoni where I promptly remembered how much I despise waffle cones (mind you, after ordering one). Yeah...oops. Then it was time to head back to Tall Guy's place to make fun of his brother and to sit on my butt directly in front of a fan. See...this weather is just not cool for a pregnant woman!! 


Discovered that our cats have ear mites (poor Bella got them from the kitten) so they are both currently mad as all get out with me. Bella keeps glaring and won't let us touch her. Poor things. I can't even imagine how that must feel :( 

But good news is that I found the cloth diapers I am using for the newborn time for 153$ for 17 diapers. I was going to be spending 294$ through another source so the fact that I am saving mega bucks makes me really happy! They shipped on the 14th and I can't wait to get them!! Who would have thought cloth diapers would have been a reason for excitement? Oh it is around here, let me tell you! 

Whats on your menu tonight? 
We are having beef stir fry. Nom nom nom! 

A new giveaway starts tomorrow. Hope you're excited for it cause I know I am!


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