Wednesday, September 05, 2012

LeMay American Car Museum Trip

Saturday was a trip to the LeMay American Car Museum. It just opened this summer and not gonna lie, I was really stoked to go. I grew up around cars. My family drag raced and still races. I grew up with muscle cars in my garage. I love all things old cars. Little Man however was like Oh look...its a car. So yes, this trip was most definitely I think more for us adults then it was for the kiddo! 

My son asked if this is the car Grandma drove when she got a car....yes, I snorted.

1961 Chrysler

1960 Chevy Camaro, and I HATE that this one is blurry :( 

1951 Chevy Truck

1920s Gangster Car. Beautiful.

One view of Tacoma...that big white building is where I will be having Little Miss.

Downtown Tacoma. I love the view of the Mountains and the Sound.

1953 Buick.

1931 Duesenberg

1933 Mercedes Benz

1930 Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Ghost

1960 Chevy Corvette

Old School BMW...kinda cool actually!

THE Flintstone car from the movie. Little Man's favorite car. LOL


Suz and Allan said...

I love old cars!

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