Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steak Fingers with.....?

Last night I finally made Steak Fingers With Gravy. I was going to make them on Tuesday night but we had an Open House at the school for Cub Scouts so I didn't have time. 

I sliced up all the meat into little strips, I used cube steak because they don't sell precut Steak Fingers where I shop. 

Ewww....raw meat! 
Then I started the process of coating it and frying it up. I fried some up real fast for Little Man as he had Awana's last night (came home with his blue Wing Runner book and is MIGHTY excited about it!). He gave me this look that said "um sure Momma" but surprisingly, he ate it right up. Even asked for more. I was SHOCKED. This child will eat tons of chicken, like his Momma. But anything steak or hamburger and it takes some prodding. Glad to report his plate was clean. 

The cayenne pepper that you use gives it a little kick that says "Oh here I am!" which I like. I like having some spice just now something overpowering you know? Very minimal seasoning too...cayenne pepper, black pepper and seasoned salt. Which, if you have cooked any of PW's recipes they are normally minimal in seasoning but chalked full of flavor!

Now the recipe is Steak Fingers with Gravy right? Her gravy making instructions are the same as her gravy for Biscuits and Gravy (which I adore her recipe for that by the way!). So I was like Okay, I have done this tons of time, I'll be good.

Yeah. No.

There wasn't enough grease to make it. At all. Which not gonna lie, is slightly irritating. Cause I bet this would be amazing with gravy. Guarantee it. 

Verdict is: 

This is amazing. I will be making this again. Ate it for lunch and my son is highly unhappy that there isn't more cause he wants more..again. He just asked me if I would make it again tonight. 


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