Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The story of how a 5 month old brought the entire house down...

So Little Miss ended up with a cold. I was thinking it was probably our early morning walks or the possibility that she was exposed to Croup at a Cub Scout Field Trip...who knows. Either way, it hit her hard. Like hard hard. Then when she started spiking fevers (yet according to the nurse a 102 isn't a fever?) they checked her ears and poor thing had an ear infection...again. One more in a month or two more this year and she will be sent to an ENT specialist :( 

Then Little Man got a horrible cold and cough. He ended up passing out during his studies. So we took a week off of school and I just let him rest. I made him miss Awana's which he was none too happy about but I wanted him to relax and rest. Sure thing, by Thursday he was like new again.

Then Other Chef got it. Bad. Coughing, fevers, etc. THEN Tall Guy came down with something and I was like WOW she even took down another household?? But nope, it was just food poisoning. Yuck.

Then yesterday, I came down with it. Mine seems to have only lasted 24 hours for the worst part of it but I have been battling a runny nose and some body aches for about a week now. Yesterday I was in so much pain, joints hurt, body aches, coughing, etc. I felt like I was dying. It was horrible. After about 9 hours of sleep though I am feeling mucho better so hoping I completely knocked this crap out of my body.

So a couple weeks ago H goes "Holly, I'm doing a 103 day challenge starting April 1st. And you're doing it with me. Won't take no for an answer." Okay...what am I getting myself into? 

Well its quite...simple. LOL

3 days we are doing a juice cleanse. That I am kinda apprehensive about. Some of it looks really delicious, some of it, not so much. I was told that I am going to be staving for 3 days and will be bitchy. LOL Probably.

Then the other 100 days we are doing clean eating. We both read on various sites that if you sick with it for 90 days, you will never turn back. That I am still reading about but I know some of you ladies have amazing recipes and some good insight about it. 

And in addition to that, 5 days a week, we are staying active at least an hour a day. Be it elliptical, walking, running, dancing, something! 

So we shall see!


Suz and Allan said...

Sorry the plague has been going around. That sounds brutal!

The challenge sounds like a great one. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Jen said...

We've had it here too.....gross. Low fevers - just lingering and feeling like crud - coughing and sneezing that doesn't go away. Fun times. Not really. More power to you for taking on the challenge! I hope you blog about it and share your recipes....cuz I need a change ...just not sure what the change is.

Heatherabel3 said...

It's gonna be awesome!!!

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