Thursday, March 07, 2013

As I sit here drinking my 4th Cup of Coffee...

Wow it's been a minute since I last posted! 

I started walking every other day at the lake near my house. If I walk there from my house, its 1.97 miles total (there and back). Little Man walks with me so honestly I think 2 miles a day isn't bad at all for us. When I am alone or just with Little Miss, we walk 2.97. Feels really good and the weather is starting to get so nice.

Or is it? 

The rain is back in full force.

Little Miss is sick.

I am exhausted all.the.time.



Nothing new is going on. Other than I finally said screw this and decided to make a therapy appointment. I have felt super depressed lately. Not sure what all is going on other than I think its just a case of PPD. I am stressed for sure and have a lot on my plate. But that has never really affected me like this before. I cry a lot. I get hard on myself. Its getting ridiculous. So I am gonna try and get better. I have to you know? I have two kiddos I need to be semi sane for ;-P

Here are a few pictures of what my life is normally consumed with:

This is what happens when you tell C to wait his turn, his Momma is talking....
What is new in your life? Anything exciting going on? 

Spring is almost here...blah. I hate that whole spring ahead crap. Barf. 


Heatherabel3 said...

LOL Making little kids cry is part of your regular routine? hahaha

Suz and Allan said...

Bless your heart Holly! I hate to hear that Little Miss is sick and things have been so crazy for you. Hopefully talking with the therapist will be a big help.

Jen said...

Hang in there girl! I think the weather totally affects us and two kids makes life crazy. :) I hope your appointment went well.

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