Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Need the "must have" running tunes!!!

So my readers know that my computer died. Had to be replaced.

What my readers don't know is that my external hard drive hasn't been hooked up in almost 3 years.

Or that my iTunes is now completely brand new.

Which means I almost lost about a grand worth of music.

I say ALMOST because this time I was smart enough to move it to my iPod. I think I had this impending feel of doom and that is what made me decide to it. Mind you, this was THREE years worth of music I have downloaded.

Three days after I did died.

Epic. Sad. Face.

So with me getting back into running, I need tunes. I used to have an iPod Nano but I sold it when I got my Classic. Now...anyone who has a classic can attest that this thing is MASSIVELY huge and heavy. I didn't even think that I could use an armband with it. I just figured it was too big. Yeah I was wrong! You CAN use an armband with this hunk of metal. (And I strongly advice it because running with it in your front pocket of your jacket is really really really dumb. Not only will you get an iPod bruise on your hip/leg BUT you run the risk of it flying out of your unzipped pocket and hitting the ground WHILE ripping your earbuds out of your ears. True Story.) So I checked the prices at Target one day and was like The armband was 30$ but an iPod Shuffle is only 46$? And I can clip it onto my shirt?? WHAT?!? Since when were the iPod Shuffles under 100$?? Can you tell I do NOT keep up with Apple prices in the slighest?

Ain't it cute? (Ignore the extremely unfeminine hand and the crap on the floor...this is Other Chef's truck.
Now I am sure that I can somehow move my music from my Classic to my new iTunes and onto my Shuffle but dear God, that sounds like a heck of a lot of work. Not to mention that Other Chef came back from a deployment with 3 500GB externals filled with music. So help me fill this thing up with the "must haves" of working out!!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

The Dog Days are Over - Florence and the machine
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Sexy and I know it LMFAO

Bummer on your computer :( but yay for a cheaper little shuffle

Rambles of a Military Wife said...

Way cheaper then getting an armband! Plus I think this might last me a tad longer ;-D

I was really bummed on my puter :( BUT Other Chef got me a new pretty one for Christmas so the sadness didn't last that long!

Jenn╩╗s Adventure╩╗s said...

My bf got me the saaaaaaame lil pink square of happiness:) I actually lost all my workout playlists otherwise I'd give you a bunch of must have songs -- but lately, all I listen to is pandora!!

PS: got your email -- will respond soon!! xoox's

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