Friday, December 30, 2011

Unhealthy Weakness

Eating out.

This is honestly the worst freaking weakness I have. It really is.

You'd think that.

I have actually done extremely well with cutting back on the Starbucks. I haven't had a Starbucks coffee since November (before Thanksgiving I might add) so why is it so hard with the cutting back eating out? I will tell you why. Because it's so damn convenient! Last thing I want to do every single day is make a meal, then clean up, etc etc. Gets tiring day after day.

BUT I need to start cooking more. Not just for the sake of my ass but also for the sake of the blog. Because I miss cooking! I miss having delicious food making my house smell AMAZING! I actually miss cooking.

Dang, I actually do. Is that normal??

What are some of your weaknesses? What do you do to help cut back on them?


Ally said...

Before how I cut eating out was in the beginning of the month I searched for about 24 new recipes. I split it into half and made a grocery list. So when we went shopping I bought everything for those 12 meals. I picked easy stuff like crockpot, breakfast for dinner, sometimes chip with dip and a salad. Not always hard stuff. The other days we eat left over. If at the end of the month, we didn't eat out, we went out to eat and it was a lot more special and because we weren't eating out so often we could drop money on the higher end restaurants without guilt. That helped me cut out on eating out and discover brand new recipes we never tried before. I love it.

My unhealthy habit is not exercising. I hate it. I have a treadmill and I still don't use it. I need to get better at it oh and drink water ;)

Jen said...

Starbuck is a huge weakness of mine, especially since it's on the way to school. What I've done is load a Starbuck GC and I make it my "budget" for the month & when it's empty, I can't go anymore that month. :) What I found myself doing is not buying my Skinny Vanilla Lattes and just getting a regular coffee so I could continue going! Ha!!!!

I have to agree with you about eating out. It is so much easier. BUT, expensive. Before kids, the hubby and I went out weekly. Now we're lucky if we get out once a month.

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