Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pot Roast Recipe from Pinterest

Lots of recipes are flying around from Pinterest on my news feed on Facebook and the various blogs I read. It really seems that they are hit or miss. Sometimes they are AH-MAZING and other times you are like Welp, we can still get a Little Ceaser's pizza and salvage this night!

I am still fairly a noob when it comes to cooking pot roast. I normally leave that up to Other Chef cause he makes an amazing one but lately, I have been giving it a try. For the longest time now, Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast has been my absolute fave to cook. But given how hot its been around here lately, which is completely abnormal, I haven't wanted to touch the oven. So I was looking for something in the crock pot (which OMG its going to be fall soon and I can't wait to start using that more and more again!). I found this recipe a long time ago on Pinterest and it looked fairly simple. So finally decided to give it a try.

Its really simple. In fact, not sure who's recipe this is as its just a picture on Pinterest with a tag under it on how to make it. You mix a package of ranch dressing, italian dressing (I actually used garlic and herb dressing packet) and a package of brown gravy. Cover the roast in it and add some water, voila. Done. Cook for 8 hours and love the smells that it creates for your kitchen. 

The meat is so juicy and tender, it literally just melts with a fork. Literally. I was a tad skeptical, as was Other Chef, about the ingredients but honestly, perfect flavor. Serve with some mashed potatoes (or scalloped like I did) and a veggie and you have a perfect meal. Enjoy! 


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