Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on Little Miss

So Little Miss, since she was put on a bottle, has had some feeding issues. 

She gasps. Sputters. Acts like she's choking sometimes.

It isn't the nipple speed as she's on the slowest of slow. We have tried everything. Sitting her up more. Slowing down the amount we feed her, etc.

She outgrew that and then started the awesome Linda Blair style puking.

Like so much so its spatting on the floor.

We ended up in the ER at one point because she was puking so much she couldn't keep food in her and she became badly dehydrated. She's even puking while eating. Not cool :( They diagnosed her with an ear infection and sent us on our way. They also gave her Zofran to keep food down until her antibiotics worked into her system. So fast forward a couple weeks and she is still projectile vomiting and still not keeping food in her. Doc after Doc is like "Well I don't know!" and I am getting more and more agitated. Sorry but IMO, its not normal for a 3 month old to puke close to 25 times a day, no joke. When you go through 5 outfit changes a day because of the amount of puking there is, on both you and your daughter, there is an issue.

So we are now seeing a GI specialist. And he's amazing. They did an Upper GI on her (worst moment of my freaking life, not gonna lie) and they are going to do a swallow study on her tomorrow. They want to make sure that she isn't aspirating while eating because once she starts on solids, that's going to be a huge issue. We get the results on all of that tomorrow.

In the meantime, he put her on a PPI (Prilosec) and Alimentum. At first, I was like "This is crap. Its not doing anything at all." But honestly, I see the difference. She is happy. She is cooing and smiling all the time. She isn't puking near as much and she isn't anywhere near as fussy as she was. I can actually put her in her swing or bouncy and cook dinner or wash dishes without her screaming. She's sleeping amazingly well (12 hours per night plus a big 4 hour nap in the day). And she's gaining weight again (she had lost a pound recently). 

All is right finally and I hope that the GI and the Swallow Study come back normal. But if it doesn't, we cross whatever hurdle we hit. 

My only complaint is who the hell prices this stuff?? 30$ PER can of formula? Are you joking me right now?

Oy vey.


Jen said...

Oh jeez - how scary! I hope you get the results shortly and I'm happy she's doing better!

Suz and Allan said...

Hope your little one is doing better!

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