Friday, January 04, 2013

Being a Mother Round 2

Being a Momma this time around, my views on some things, mostly materialistic things, have changed. 

1. CoSleeping

I was never a fan of cosleeping. I am a very heavy sleeper (er, was!) and so for me it was just out of the question. I kept Little Man in a pack and play next to my bed until he was 6 months old and it worked out great. He even went into his crib no problem too. So I figured same thing with Little Miss right? 


She was not hearing of her pack and all. In fact, its being used as a clean laundry catch all at the moment. The only way she would sleep is if she was curled up against me at all times up until about two weeks ago. And honestly, I was okay with that. I love snuggles from my bebes. But I will tell you what, my legs going asleep while sleeping was not that enjoyable! She's now in her crib full time which brings us to the next one...

2. Video Monitors

I always thought of those bad boys as very Big Brother. Like why watch your baby sleeping? Isn't that kind of odd? And why would you watch your child sleeping anyway? He's fine! 

Well Little Miss is in her crib full time now and she is a VERY light sleeper. Like so light, opening the door wakes this girl up (definitely not the heavy sleeper that her Momma and Brother were and are). So I needed something. Because she's still so little and I was getting little to no sleep constantly worrying that she was still okay! Now that I have one, why didn't I get one earlier?!? Its so easy to just roll over, turn on the camera, see that she is still breathing and sleeping soundly and then pass right back out. Plus she sleeps much better because I am not constantly in there! (Yes, I turned into one of those Moms)

3. Babywearing

I never understood this one either until Little Miss. Little Man was very much independent and did his own thing and was content just hanging out. Little Miss, not so much. She wants to be held all.the.time. And that makes it dang near impossible to ever get stuff done. She is okay in her bouncer or swing in severe moderation (less than 10 mins in each). So I got myself one of these:

And even with the Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert, its kinda awkward yet for her age. They are still very much into koala mode and I always feel like she's about to fall out even when its really tight against my body. So then I bought myself one of these:

It rocks. But its!! I literally sweat wearing it and her face gets really hot. So I walk around, in the winter, wearing a tank top when I have her in it. It keeps us both from not wanting to die of overheating. I love it so much I want this one...

I just can't bring myself to spend 100$+ on it. Course its supposed to be more lightweight and breathable so who knows, I might scan the sites for it to go on sale! (Queue a friend who has the red and orange one who tells me that they were on sale on Black Friday for 80$...dang it!)

Then just for the fun of it, I bought myself a Mei Tai. 

Are you noticing an obsession brewing? 

Apparently, this is perfectly normal and acceptable amoungst babywearers! Some of them spend 200+ on wraps! Like what??! Haven't quite gotten myself to that point yet!! 

What did your views change on when you had kids? What is something you were totally against and then were like Wait, why wasn't I always doing this? 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I had such a different baby the second time around too. She still co sleeps.. and she is almost 5. She starts out in her bed every night but comes into my room somewhere between 12 and 2. I know I should make her go back to her room, but I am tired... so I just pull her into bed and go back to sleep :)

Jen said...

2nd kids are definitely opposite. Izzy ONLY falls asleep next to me every single night .....then after she's sound asleep (have to wait at least 20 minutes) one of us scoops her up and puts her in her bed. Most of the time she makes it all night but we have the ocassional bouts of 3am curl in bed with us times. I just let her come in too....the husband gets mad at me every time but I wake up at 4:45 and I don't have the energy to take her back to bed!

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