Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cherry Pomegranate Habanero Marinaded Chicken

So the other day at Costco, this was bought...


 And it was turned into this:

Put salt and pepper on one side of the chicken breasts (cut in halves or leave them whole).
Put some sauce in the pan, lay the chicken seasoned side down into the sauce. 
Cover the rest in sauce (as you can see, we still have half a bottle left!)
Bake 350 degrees and then the last 10 minutes, broil it to give the top that crispy taste.
Serve with your favorite sides (it was served with corn and baked potatoes in my house).
Easy dinner done! 

Bottle can be bought at Costco. I thought about buying a bottle and doing a giveaway for was THAT good. Whatcha think? 

What's for dinner tonight? 

We have AWANAS tonight so we are doing something quick and easy like chicken tacos.


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