Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So last night I made Chicken Spaghetti. Since it's just me and Little Man for dinner (and god forbid he eat it!!) I made a smaller portion.

Okay let me rephrase that...I made the spaghetti a smaller portion, everything else was right on target. Lots of cheese...shredded sharp cheddar...nom nom nom!

Anyway, so for the second time in the last 2 weeks that I have made this, I forgot to take 2 cups of chicken water out before I started cooking the sghetti.


So I just made due. Instead of using the water, I added some chicken broth to it. It works BUT make sure you don't add a ton of the other stuff cause then it's just too salty and that just isn't right.

See that delicious goodness? Oh yes. Its awesome :D

So last night, Little Man was just NOT hearing of it with dinner. He doesn't like the "red stuff" or the "green stuff". And he sure as heck doesn't like the onions. So last night, I was literally feeding him off of my plate (he's turning 6 mind you!). But with each bite, I would put a pepper in there. Or an onion in there. Or a pimento. And with each bite, he wanted more. And kept asking for more.

Momma 1   Little Man 0

Gotta love sneaking with the kids :D


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