Friday, August 26, 2011

Chicken Diva Time!!!

I have always seen Chicken Divan recipes and honestly, have always been afraid to make it.

I mean what's NOT there to love. We have chicken, mushrooms, broccoli and rice. That's it. Then you make a sauce or do like I do and follow a recipe.

The recipe I got was from Tasty Kitchen. That website is seriously becoming my crack (next to reading! and Amazon :D). I found this recipe (there will be a link posted at the end of this blog) and finally decided to make it.

I was going to cook it yesterday for dinner but being it was 85 outside and there is no AC in this house, I decided that making dinner in the oven was just going to be horrible. Mind you, I decided this after the chicken was done and so was the rice. So I put those in storage containers and went and got Popeyes (kinda defeats the purpose of healthy eating but psh).

So today, decided to cook. It was 82 today but awesome breeze. So opened the windows and got down to it. Now I cheated and used a bag of streamed broccoli. Not sure if this has any bearing on the issue with it (that I will discuss later) but I suggest following said recipe and using fresh. I mixed it all together, started putting it together and popped it in the oven. Easy peasey. Took me maybe minutes for prep (since rice and chicken were already done).

Oven goes off, let it stand for five minutes and bam, serve it up!

First bite...delicious. I can taste the garlic but its not that much. Just enough to say Hello! Then I bite into a piece with broccoli.

And my taste for this chicken divan is ruined.

The broccoli is mushy. Hence the problem with frozen vs fresh. Next time, IF I make it again, it will be fresh broccoli. No more cheating.

See, I broke out the nice camera to give you guys some good pictures :D
Recipe for those wondering:


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