Monday, August 01, 2011

Yup, I really do suck (Plus whats to expect this week)

So yeah, I really do suck at blogging.

I guess I should keep up with it more since this is something that I actually enjoy doing.

That's right. I enjoy but I suck at keeping up with it. Nice huh?

Just got back from the grocery story where I spent 160$ for a week. ONE WEEK. Okay so either I am doing something wrong or the price of food has gone up. If anyone cares to enlighten me on this horrid detail, thanks. I even couponed! Argh. Such is life, we need food. No use complaining. Moving on :D

This week's menu for Pioneer Apron is:

Monday- Chicken Spaghetti (you'd think this would have gotten old by now, but it hasn't)
Tuesday- Mini Meatball Subs (recipe from Tasty Kitchen, looks DELISH)
Wednesday- Breaded Chicken Parm (recipe from TK), Corn Casserole (Recipe form PW) and Mashed Potatoes
Thursday- Pot Roast...nom nom nom
Friday- Leftovers. Gonna basically just munch all day :D
Saturday- Tater Tot Cassrole (for some reason, my family LOVES this dish!)
Sunday- Chicken Divan Casserole (recipe from TK)

Then we start the week all over again :D Who week might just be picking at odds and ends. WHO KNOWS!!

Later I WILL blog about the chicken spaghetti and I even brought out the Big Guy for pictures (my beautimus SLR camera). So the pictures won't be all blurry and junk.


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