Sunday, September 11, 2011

It was so easy, even I could do it!!!

Ha. Ha. Yes I know. Cracking jokes at my expense. Ha. Ha.

But really, have you ever made a recipe or seen one and you are like Why haven't I done this before? Yeah that is how I felt with this one.

One afternoon, all the neighborhood kids were hanging out around my house at lunch time playing with Little Man. So in true Mom fashion, since I was making lunch already, I asked the kids if they wanted to try it. Of course I was told YES all across the board.

Really simple like I said before. Take some ham sandwich meat and a package of the crescent rolls. Unroll them, lay some ham slices on there and some cheese. Roll them up, pop them in the oven and voila. Delicious and I am actually craving some now.

Too bad I am out of crescent rolls.....

Recipe is here.


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