Saturday, September 03, 2011

My first Pie adventure!!!

So for those that have been following along, I have never been the one to cook. I mean I did cook here or there but it was either something easy or something out of a box. Never homemade. So cooking stuff that is "out of my element" is really new to me.

I saw this recipe for a Chicken Pot Pie on Tasty Kitchen. I have seen various ones before and they always just seemed really complicated so I would take the "easy" road and say forget it. This one is incredibly simple. The only spices you use are salt and pepper. Easy! Now of course if you wanna make your own crust, then that would take some time. But again, taking the easy way this time so I bought the awesome premade Pillsbury crust.

While cooking, my son likes to stand on the step stool and watch everything I do. He even helps me get stuff out of the fridge. He calls himself my "Taste Tester". Such a food critics already and he's only 5. If something needs more salt, he tells me. If it needs more of something else, he tells me. Course he will try and tell me to put like cinnamon on something that definetly does not (nor would you want to) need it but still, its awesome. It's a time that my Little Man is mine. No cartoons or toys. Nothing. Just Mommy and Little Man time. And I adore this time that he still cares what Mommy is doing and not "Mom, I'm hungry and gotta run, when's dinner?"

I got everything in the pot to boil and I called my Aunt. We ended up talking for about an hour, just catching up on life and reminiscing about things. She told me that Grams would be proud of me. I said "Oh?" She said "She tried for years to get you to start cooking with her and you just wouldn't. Now look at ya!" I told her I didn't know how well it would come out because I have never done this before. And she said "Never know what you can do until you try it!" So true Aunt J. So true.

I made a few changes and an oops. I used kosher salt and I must have added too much cause its a tad salty but not a turn your nose up salty. But its definitely there. The changes I made were I added sharp cheddar instead of mild. I love sharp cheddar. I think I use it for pretty much everything! And I used Cream of chicken AND mushroom instead of just chicken soup. Overall, this dish was amazing. And I will definitely be making it again :D

I leave you with some pictures of my fine work and the recipe will follow. Enjoy!

Recipe I used:


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