Friday, September 02, 2011

One of my favorites....

Last night for dinner I made lil cheesy meatloaves (recipe will be at the end of this blog post). Definetly a fave in this house. And it is sooo delicious. I add a tad more salt then the recipe calls for and I also throw in some garlic. Gives the meatloaves a kick.

Really I add garlic because I was "yelled" at when I didn't add it. "Garlic is love! Don't you want love in your food?" Yeah Yeah, get over it. :-P

Well I was on the phone with a dear friend of mine, gabbing to B about random stuff. I just received some distressing news about an EFriend of mine, mind was just NOT where it should have been.

Well mind not focused+cooking=Not gonna happen right!

And no it did not. I added too much oats. I didn't add enough salt AND I didn't chop up half an onion.

Go me!!

Little Man was like OH YEAH! No onion! So of course he ate it right up. So I guess we know who will eat the leftovers and who won't! :D


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