Monday, February 27, 2012

Blog takes a somber tone today...

Today I spent most of the day glued to the TV.

Not because of a good series I was catching up on.

Not because of some sports team.

Not because of the political race that is going on.


But because a student in Chardon, Ohio shot up the school today. Killing 2 and injuring 3 more. 

Chardon, Ohio is literally a 5 minute drive from the house I grew up in. I have spent much of my childhood in Chardon. 

You always think this can't happen here. No. It can't. But then it does. And your heart stops. You don't know these people at all. But you know that your school system plays them every year in football, basketball, softball, etc. You know the Giant Eagle shopping carts that you used to "ride" on with your Grams. You know the Domino's that you used to frequent with two friends from work for the Domino's Dots (I still do miss those!). You know WHAT their High School looks like. You know what that cafeteria looks like it. 

Then you try to imagine how those kids felt. Those kids that the rest of their lives, in some way, has forever changed. In a lot of ways, their innocence is shredded. They experienced something no child, no adult, should ever feel. And your heart breaks for them.

My prayers and love go out to those families, all of them, that were affected today. Including my Kirtland families. This has hit too close to our doorsteps. We are all (well the people on my FB) going to be wearing red tomorrow (their school color) in honor of those affected in this. Tomorrow when you get dressed, please think of those kids. You may not know them but your love and support means the world to them all.


AFwife7911 said...

Wow-sending prayers and support their way. What a tragedy :(

Just Jen said...

Yesterday was a very sad day. I work in Cleveland and I have several coworkers who live in Chardon.
It hits close to home and your heart hurts for all involved. Prayers continue for all.

Give Peas A Chance said...

devastating. so sad.

Suz and Allan said...

I am so sorry Holly. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected!

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