Sunday, February 05, 2012

Randomness (with a new recipe)

I was tagged in the 11 things by Running with the Girls and I run like a girl but for some reason whenever I posted it, their questions to me have big white boxes over the front of it so you can't see it anyway :( Boo.

I recently got this Babycakes Donut Maker and am eager to make some donuts! Maybe today me and Little Man will. How cute are those little donuts? (crap I just realized I passed out yesterday before blogging...ugh. Guess I am blogging twice today). Which made me think that I signed up for a thing called a foodie penpal and was just assigned my penpal this morning. I can't wait to get a box together for her and mail it!! I love getting mail and I love it even more when its goodies and not just junk!

Really nothing new or interesting to report honestly. Tomorrow I will have (well maybe later today since I missed my post yesterday) a review for PureFit energy bars. I am cooking Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Casserole (yes I can hear my ass hating me) tonight for dinner which is a new recipe so should be interesting. Last night though..oh last night...

So on Pinterest, my friends have been tagging this recipe a lot. I love Mexican food and especially tacos so I clicked on it to check it out. THREE INGREDIENTS PEOPLE! Three. Chicken breasts, taco seasoning and a jar of salsa. AND the best part is...your crock pot does ALLLLL the cooking. Yes ma'ma, that is a winner right there. I put it in the crockpot really early, around 10 and it was done by 4. Early dinner for us but I also have this weird image of my ass tripling in size if I eat anything past 7. Make sure when you spoon the chicken out, you use a slotted spoon. I didn't and they were kinda messy but man, were they delicious. Definetely a keeper in my book :D

Since I am a bad blogger and have let my camera's battery die, I will leave you with a video of my fave song at the moment. Video is DEFINETLY weird but I love this song. Its been playing on repeat in my ear for the last 10 minutes.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

What is your fave recipe at the moment?
What is your fave song at the moment?


Jen said...

I love your donut maker! I actually bought the donut hole maker a few months ago & I love it!

Happy Sunday to you!!! & I survived the 10 miler!!!

Holly said...

Yay! I was being all Mom like and stern. Lol.

Glad you like it! I thought about doing a giveaway in the near future where the winner gets a BabyCake Maker of their choice!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said...

I've seen that recipe on Pinterest too…but I never pin it because I don't have a crock pot :) I might have to get me one soon!

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