Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Don't be surprised if I get up and make more..."

So on Valentine's Day, I made N and the kids dinner. We both had to be away from our Valentine's (hers is deployed currently) and I didn't want her to be alone so I said Be my Valentine this year! After NO hesitation, she told me yes and so our amazing relationship (spur of the moment one) was formed. She's lovely and takes care of me. Yes she does ;-D

I didn't know what to make so of course I consulted the trusty Pioneer Woman for some ideas. At first, I thought I would cook Steak Diane. Then I said Nah. So I decided on some Chicken Piccata. I texted her and she said "That is yummy! I just had it last week!" Well...that is out the window. So I decided on Beef with Snow Peas. So insanely simple and so insanely flavorful! First time I made this recipe was last year for Easter!

At the commissary I tried to find ginger but had to settle on the already minced, in a tube ginger. Still works!! In fact, I think I had more ginger flavor using that then I had using fresh ginger! I also bought two bags of snow peas cause I didn't know how much we would manage to eat. I get to her house (mind you after cutting my hand open too, that was FUN!) and get down to cooking. She's standing next to me and goes "Don't be surprised if I get up and make more snow peas." I said really? (I had only opened the one bag) Her response is "Oh yeah, my kids love vegetables." Sure..sure N. Sure. I had jasmine rice going in the rice cooker so you can imagine the scents right now. Rice cooking, ginger, soy sauce...nom nom nom.

We get down to eating and guess what DOESN'T happen?!? None of the kids want to eat the snow peas. Not even her son, who eats EVERYTHING! So sure sure N, sure. Go ahead and make some more...mmhmm.

It was amazing (like all the things I cook, duh! ;-D). Not a single leftover was left. All plates were clean, save for the snow peas. Definetly another winner from PW! If you haven't made this yet, DO IT. You will NOT regret it!!


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