Monday, February 06, 2012

Week in Review....

This week was definetly not at all what I was hoping BUT I only ran/walked 3 days this week. Here it is:

Monday: (walk/run) 25 min, 1.15 miles, 2.88MPH, 20:45pace
Tuesday: Weights for 1 hour
Wednesday: (walk/run) 26:35min, 1.39 miles, 3.14mph, 19:04pace
Thursday: Rest
Friday: walk/run 26:26min, 1.34miles, 3.06MPH, 19:34pace
Total: 3.88 miles

Wednesday was the best day for sure. I hope to see more days like that but with only more miles, obviously. 

I did get some awesome giveaways today :D My Wright Socks came in (love these things! So soft!!!) and my Asperis Shorts are here. You definetly need to do some lunges to get into these things!! I love em!! Can't wait to try them out tomorrow :D 


Suz and Allan said...

Great job this past week with being consistent and getting up and being active! I cannot say the same for last week!

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