Friday, February 03, 2012

Gym Today...

N and I dragged, yes dragged, ourselves to the gym today. Our kids had off of school today so we were just not going to go. But we decided it would probably be best to go. 

It. Was. A. Madhouse! 

There were probably 15 kids in the "mom's room" and most of them were wondering around while people were trying to work out. Where were their parents you might wonder? Oh on the machines and gabbing, completely ignoring their kids. There was another kid there who kept getting into someone else's diaper bag and eating the food in there. Another that was throwing toys at people. Another that was climbing over the divider of the two rooms and then knocking people over. Same thing, Mom wasn't paying attention. Thank God for those headphones cause once they were in, I heard nothing. I think Little Man was a tad overwhelmed at first but he sat with N's daughter and kept out of the madness. Kinda felt bad for them :( 

Today's run was alright. I pushed myself. I felt my muscles start to get sore and I was like Nope, not stopping. This is part of running, DO IT. And I did. And again, felt great. Everything was lower today though and I noticed that after my rest days (so far) it normally is. So that will either change once I get further into the program OR I am just that slow. I am hoping its something that will change! Overall, it was a good workout. I feel great. It felt great. I loved it. And am actually excited to start the next week :D 

How was your workout today? What do you normally do on your rest days? Do you still do a light workout or are you lounging in jammies watching TV? 


Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said...

Great job pushing through - it's so easy to just quit when it's a bad run!!!

misszippy said...

Ugh on the crazy gym! Glad you were feeling strong, though.

I pretty much rest on rest days, or take the dog for a long walk, sometimes a short swim to recover. They are mental health breaks as much as anything!

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