Saturday, February 11, 2012

PureFit Bar Review

Like all the other awesome blogs I read, I too was given the chance to review PureFit Bars. Like the other awesome blogs I read, I was given the 5 sample bars. The flavors, I wasn't too enthused with but meh. You can't complain too much can you? 

The Granola Crunch I really enjoyed. It wasn't too crunchy either as the title would make you think. Definetly out of all 5, this one was my one of my top favorites. The Almond Crunch I tried next. Not bad at all. I am not a big fan of almond though so I would have to say this was at the bottom of my list. The Berry Almond Crunch, same thing, had almonds. BUT you could definetly taste the berry flavor vs the almond flavor so that was decent. The Chocolate Brownie was actually my least fave. Not entirely sure what it was but I just did not like it :( My most favorite however was Peanut Butter. Which is no surprise since I love any peanut butter nutrition bar :D While the flavors are decent tasting, the fact that there are only 5 flavors was kinda of a set back. BUT its like any other nutrition bar really. You find one flavor you like and you stick with it :D At least that is how it is for me :D

I love their 40/30/30 combination they have in each bar. 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat which is ideal for a working out body (consistent energy). I also love how each bar really does fill you up, unlike some competitors bars where you are hungry not even 20 minutes later. I ate each of these in the morning before my workout and I was set until my midmorning snack. Another score in my book. Definetly eat these with a lot of water! They are thick so drinking with water is definetly a good idea. I think that is something that surprised me the most. I guess I was expecting the consistency of a PowerBar and these ones definetly break off more in your mouth. Which is fine! Not a bad thing at all. Just a tad surprising when not expecting it :D These bars are also dairy, wheat and glutten free, no trans fat, artificial sweetners or hydrogenerated fats. Definetly a healthy choice.

If you choose to order on their website (link above if you missed it), use promo code PROMO25. You also save when you reorder. 1-3boxes are 34.35each (2.29/bar), 4-5 boxes are 32.00each (2.13/bar), 6-9 boxes are 30.00each (2.00/bar) and 10+ boxes are 28.00each (1.86/bar).


Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review. I was not required to give an honest review. These views are mine and mine alone.


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