Monday, April 02, 2012

One of those weekends...

Ever have those weekends where it seems like you need to use the week to recoup? 

Yeah that was my weekend.

Saturday I got up and went off. First to Costco which let me tell you, not sure WHY I haven't been using my membership this entire time. Its way cheaper then the commissary and its also because everything is bigger no doubt. But seriously, I buy those bags of the small bags of chips for Other Chef's lunches...28 bags for 13$. At Costco, 50 bags for 13$. Foldgers Classic Roast...I buy the big 270 cup container, 13$. At Costco the big 540 cup container is 13$. So yes...score! Not to mention the other things that I got. But honestly, I did about 90$ of my grocery shopping there...for a grand total of 150$. Not too shabby huh? Plus I scored a new toaster. Ours is sadly dying. So I got a Kitchen Aid stainless steel one with LED read...50$. On Amazon, its like 20$ more plus shipping. Can you tell I am IN LOVE with Costco yet? 

Then Little Man was treated to Chuck E Cheese. Ours was completely remodeled so its less trashy inside. Never a big fan of places like that but meh, he loves it. He had a blast. More then half a large pizza was eaten between the three of us and everyone went home happy. Win-Win.

Next stop was PetsMart. Grabbed a couple things for the cats and the dog. Then we headed home to sit for like 20 minutes.

Then off to Silverdale (an hour drive) to get a bookcase my friend was giving away. Hey, save me 90$ with a free bookcase? Heck yeah! Little Man has so many books he definetly needs a newer one so that was win-win again for us :D We ended up at eating at a place called Hop Jacks for dinner and it was delicious! Seriously the best lemonade I have ever had (Huckleberry which was FABULOUS)! The salad...I got the chicken tenders salad. I kept eating and eating and eating and seriously never made a dent in it. It was HUGE. Went home seriously stuffed :D 

Then rode the ferry home and got seasick. Nice huh? So apparently, me and ferry's don't mix! 

Sunday same thing. Got up and headed to Ashley Furniture Homestore to get Little Man a new bed:

He loves it. Its a panel bed with an option to add the drawers later. The only reason we didn't was because each side was another 225$ (which was actually more then the dresser) and we thought that was kind of a rip off. If we decide to add them later, we might. But for now, nah. It works without it. He is also getting the big bedroom downstairs which he is REALLY excited about. His room is just too tiny for everything in there and I need that bedroom for something else SO he is getting this big bedroom:

Facing the door from the one corner

Standing inside the hallway in the door.

His walk in closet

I have heard about 20 times this weekend that he is a "big boy" and needs a "big boy" room so argument there! Plus the room's been empty since about October of 2010 so this works big time :D

Finally got home and Game of Thrones was on not too long after. Excellent episode. I can't wait for this season and I can't wait to finish this book! Over halfway done so be looking for a review soon :D 

On the menu tonight: Chicken Cajun Alfredo with Penne Pasta

What did you do this weekend?? 

What is on your menu tonight?


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