Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the Congrats! It means a lot :D 

Finally into my 2nd trimester which means the fun starts. Course I am sick of waiting and I want to know what I am having NOW. I could never be one of those people that don't find out. I hate green and yellow neutral clothing. I want pinks and purples or blues! I can tell you right now I am thinking pink though! I think a lot of that is because I had my 1st Trimester Fetal Scan last Monday and the 3D ultrasound showed NOTHING between the legs. BUT its still early to tell so we shall see! Fingers crossed that it's a little girl though!! 

Thanks again so much! I will most definetly be blogging about this journey. Its so different then my pregnancy with Little Man. I was so sick for the first 2 months :( Also, being tired. It seems like I can NOT get enough sleep. That is all I want to do! 


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