Monday, April 23, 2012

Not going to be overly Momma-ish...

First I will share a new belly picture. I was feeling like I was getting bigger and apparently, I am. I am huge already and I am not even halfway there!! LOL 

15 weeks, don't I look thrilled?
I could have managed a smile BUT I am in lots of pain currently. My wisdom teeth were never extracted and they are now forcing their way up into my mouth. Well my dentist want's to use the most of my limited dental coverage (1200$ for the year) and he was going to yank my back molars and let me wisdom teeth become my back molars (Note: all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in beautifully apparently). WELL the one on the bottom right has NOWHERE to go so its been coming up against my back molar. I needed to get them all pulled BUT I got pregnant and that didn't work out as planned. Friday night, my tooth shattered. The wisdom tooth has completely pushed its way up and yeah no beuno. So today at 1pm I am getting it times. Not.

I've decided to not get all Momma-ish gooey on here. Figure once a week I will post something that I want to post (like one week about cribs, one week about strollers, one week about paint swatches LOL) and be done with it. Plus it works out too cause there are some things I am just completely indecisive about (like the crib) and its nice to have a neutral opinion about it all :D

Not sure what is on the menu tonight...I know for me it will be Jello, Pudding, Soup, Applesauce. Sounds exciting doesn't it??

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Suz and Allan said...

Ouch, that sounds painful! Hope you are ok!

Jen said...

ouch! How did it go? are you eating your pudding? I'm so sorry.

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