Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Momma Topic #1: Crib Bedding

Well I survived having my tooth yanked. Literally took me like 15 minutes in there. Took longer to drive there then it did to yank it out. Now its just making sure that it heals and no dry sockets. Ewie.

First Momma topic on this week is the wonderful crib decor!!

Having children that are 7 years apart means that you have really absolutely nothing from the previous child (unless you kept it all which honestly, not sure how many people actually do that?). Which in turn means that you are spending quite a bit of money on stuff the baby needs (or really what will make your life easier!!). There is a growing pile of baby stuff that is just waiting to be put in its proper place once the nursery is set up (which not buying furniture until the gender is revealed) so that will still be another month. BUT it kinda looks like this (please ignore the bookcase in my room, its supposed to be for my textbooks but the bottom shelves has become my catch all bookcase):

Lots of things this little one needs and I am not even halfway through buying stuff!!! 

ANYWAY back to the topic at hand...nursery decor. I am letting you awesome readers pick which ones we will use for boy or girl! I have it limited it down to 2 each and honestly, can't decide. So here goes:

Boy Choices:

Pirate Party

Girl Choices:

Owls (has a super cute applique on Amazon that matches this too!)

Love Bird
Neutral Choices:

Animal Parade

Treetop Friends
I honestly could just make this easier on myself and not worry about it until I know what I am having but honestly, where is the fun in that?? Plus I like planning things out. I hate feeling overwhelmed and honestly with baby stuff, its VERY easy to feel that way!! 

So whatcha think? Cast your votes below. I know I have my favorite but would love to see what you all think! 

On the menu tonight is Chicken Ceaser Sandwiches. Should be interesting to see how well I eat since after I am done eating, I have to rinse my mouth out. Fun times huh? Whatcha having for dinner? 

Hope you lovies are having a good day!!


BRiley said...

My favorites from each category are:

Treetop Friends

Tonight…for dinner…no clue! Cooking dinner with Jamie (which usually translates into take out Pho) after yoga class!

Jen said...

Okay - I love Monsters, Lovebirds and Treetop Friends as well!

How did your chicken caesar dinner go?

Nicole D said...

I love the pirates and the Lovebirds. You know I don't do

Sheena said...

Treetop friends.

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