Friday, April 27, 2012

Dry Socket :(

So I did everything I was supposed to...

Didn't drink with a straw. 
Obviously do NOT smoke anymore (actually quit BEFORE pregnancy so go me!)
Did the salt water rinse
There was no spitting.
I rinsed after eating my meals so that way food particles did NOT get into my socket.
Drank no carbonation drinks.

Yet I STILL ended up with a dry socket. :( 

I had a lot of pain starting on Wed and Thurs. I figured it was normal and just took some Tylenol. Well this morning I called and they were like Nope, come in. I did and sure as heck, the blood clot never formed completely so there was a partial dry socket going on. They had to numb me really good and then he cleaned it and packed it with paste. No pain now which is really good but man this stinks. I also wondered WHY he didn't just pack it to begin with when he said:

Its actually kinda common in pregnant women. The elevated estrogen can actually give you dry socket.

Oh...good to know Doc! 

*shakes fist*


Jen said...

Oh dear!!!! glad he fixed you now though!

Suz and Allan said...

Hope you are feeling better now!

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