Friday, May 25, 2012

I love four day weekends!!!

I love four day weekends. 

I love sleeping in because I don't have to get up with Little Man.

I love it even more when its absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside!! 

We had a week of cold and rainy weather so seeing sunshine and 63 today...yes. Greatly appreciated!! 

What I do like is that in ONE WEEK I find out what Gummy Bear is! 20 weeks today, 20 more to go. EEEK! 

What I don't like is that this 425 class is KICKING. MY. BUTT. Now granted sitting downstairs watching season 1 disk 1 of House for 4 hours probably didn't help any the other day BUT I was up until 1230am doing homework. And that sounds like getting a lot done right? Wrong. That only got one section of lesson 1 done. Each section is about 60 pages of reading, plus online supplemental reading, plus daily journal PLUS exercises that must be turned in with 30-35 questions for each one. In addition to all of that, I also have 7 papers due over the course of this class (which is 16 weeks). The light at the end of the tunnel, I guess, is that my daily journal also counts as my final so there will be none for this class. That's something to be happy about...right?

What are your plans for this weekend? Ours is going to be filled with the park, maybe some Baskin Robbins or Menchies, getting Little Man's room all set up, will more then likely do some grilling, homework and HOPEFULLY some reading of my book. 

I have TONS of food recipes I need to sit down and blog about this weekend as well. So be looking for those!

What's I am jamming to...BRiley took me to see her last year in concert for my birthday and it was amazing. What would I do without my BRiley!!


Suz and Allan said...

Enjoy the long weekend! Family is on their way as we speak so we will have company until Monday night. Lots of hanging out, playing games, eating, and running a race on Memorial Day.

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