Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh lazy weekends!

I love my weekends usually. They are mostly laid back filled with either a CSI or SVU marathon. Laundry gets done and I just relax all weekend. Its glorious. 

And this weekend was none different.

I took a break from nesting and just spent the day watching trash TV and reading. Some days you just need those lazy days you know? A day to just recoup and regroup.

Course a hot new Blizzard game is finally out...

So when I wasn't engrossed in A Storm of Swords, I was playing this. Little Man was either watching me play and when I wasn't he was engrossed in Other Chef playing. Other Chef, and about half of my friends, have already beaten Diablo on regular mode. I just got the full game yesterday so I am still in the beginning stages. Plus I can't seem to want to play for hours on end either. Too much to do!! And this book has severely sucked me in! I have a week left for my two week break in between classes so I am trying my hardest to get really far into this book so I don't feel bad when I have to take a break for school. 

19 Weeks Pregnant shot. Yes that is a frown face. I feel HUGE!! AND I am only 5 months. Oy! 

I look outside and its pouring. Cold too, in the mid 50s. Then I look down and I see this...

Don't let the cuteness fool ya. She's been nicknamed Spawn for a reason...

Ah the life of a cat huh? Just sleep all day and not worry about a dang thing!

Upcoming Giveaway (starts on Thursday!!): Vita Coco! A chance to win a case of a flavor of your choice out of the three they gave me :D 

What's on your menu tonight? We are having chicken alfredo :D Nom!


Suz and Allan said...

Allan has almost beaten Diablo III. He's been talking about that game for years it seems like. I'm so glad it's finally here!

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