Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sick during the weekend?? Really?!?

So Other Chef has been sick this entire week. And I tried so hard to avoid him and clean up after him so I didn't get sick.

Yeah that didn't work out too well.

This morning I woke up with horrible sore throat. Figured since I was a mouth breather it was just because of that. Nope. Sore throat is still there 3 hours later. My nose is running horribly. My sinuses are all stuffed up and now I am running a fever. 

Fun. Times.

And it sucks even worse because there is only so much I can take while being pregnant. So this should be an adventure. I wish this area would make up their minds on the weather. Too many illnesses going around. Not fun! 


Taking my sick butt back to bed.


Jen said...

Bummer. I've been trying to convince myself it's allergies. Rest up and get well my friend!

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